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Zumba Aerobics Steps

Hey, it’s Mandy! So I’ve been getting a lot of requests from you guys to do a dance tutorial to All About That Bass And by the way, if you guys want to see a mirrored version of this dance tutorial then go to the end of the tutorial and there will be a link So let’s get started! So the first move is you cross your arms across your shoulders and back and cross your stomach and you’re clicking your right heel, step knee, and cross, and up So let’s try that a little bit quicker.

5, 6, 7, 8 and cross, cross and heel, knee, cross, up Now moving on, your hands are on your hips and you’re bouncing front, back bouncing front, back and on that third bounce, you do no, no , back So a little quicker and bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce Next move is your arms go up down, down, around your face, down, down And the next move is you’re going to the right, right and your right hand is on your hip, left arm out so you go right, right, to the left, right, circle around.

Snap, circle around, back And now the next move is you’re just gonna pop it however you would like for four counts And the next move is we’re gonna do the robot starting with the right left, right, left and then arms go up again, down, down around your face, down, down And then if that’s what you’re into then go ‘head and move along wave, wave, wave So we’re just going that’s what you’re into, then you’re just brushing brush away, brush away, wave, wave, wave Now moving on to the chorus.

Meghan Trainor All About That Bass Dance Tutorial

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