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Zumba Aerobics 5

Ltchucklegt Yo yo yo yo wassup We’ve changed in 2 minutes I’m breathless Welcome back to The 5 Show Tomorrow Singapore hosts The Vibe Beach Sports Music Festival at Siloso Beach Dance and exercise enthusiasts are gearing up for the Zumba workout party at the beach Now to prepare all of us at home and show us some Zumba moves We have celebrity instructor Alix. PFRUNDER Did I said it right That’s good that’s good OK, tell us what’s gonna happen on ummm. It’s gonna be an amazing ZUMBA experience on the beach at VIBE.

So, you can expect easy to follow Choreography, good music On the beach with the sunset It’s gonna be amazing! Ooh I can’t wait But please tell us what’s. What is ZUMBA Is it like Rumba in the Zoo or something like that I don’t really know what ZUMBA is ZUMBA is a mix between dance and fitness on Latin and International Rhythms So it’s like exercise in disguise You can burn up to 800 calories Without feeling that you are working out! It’s really good! Dancing involved Yes.

But does that mean only people with a good sense of rhythm. No, no, no, it’s for everybody! It’s for everybody, everybody can do it! Everybody at home Everybody with DVDs or Following an instructor in a Zumba class There are a lot of Zumba classes around the world 180 countries 15 million people are dancing Zumba every week That’s really for everybody So that’s why Zumba is so successful in the world Wow, ok! But then even kids can do it Yes! We do have Zumba Kids Program Designed especially for kids so everybody can do it.

Portuol Zumba Fitness MediaCorp TV Live The 5 Show Ep 57 20MAR15

What is the one thing, the one advice you want to give to people who are thinking of joining ZUMBA Just go for it! Go to have FUN! Enjoy the classes Don’t put too much pleasure on you.. too much pressure Sorry my French ltsniggergt Do you have to do. Do you ever warm up for a ZUMBA class A fitness warmup to do a ZUMBA class Do you have to do stretching and stuff Every class you have to do StepTouch, a basic fitness warmup OK! Awesome, you know what I think.

Alix is now gonna demonstrate a bit of Zumba lesson for us We are novices. En Lai, what are you doing I’m warming up! My elbows. Stretching, stretching OK, me and En Lai are total novices! We have never done this before in our lives It’s gonna be easy You sure YES OK let’s do it! You are very enthusiastic! ltapplausegt OK I’m gonna show you! guys xx okay so that’s bases that yes yes that’s good that’s good site yet them back if she okay so I’m everyone everyone at home.

Aside for you guys to also get up yet downtempo love rise gets up and I’m join us and learn some of these moves OK and stop eating as well because you might start spitting out one and only to have the same time now after okay yes yeah that’s it here the Big Al does governor see ya being held down by the malefemale guard to hear yet engaged in the car guy Mike bars I am where’s my car some very nice are you plant goodnight kato kaelin about the past 10.

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Missiles on and the back in the middle on greeted me I’m not sure he knows that’s about it to everybody you doing gotta okay ghouls okay all shots shots Miami got too much hotter here gots good why don’t you just leave this to the experts 02 okay States by now get a win it’s heretical force content yes that’s a look and now we have and Beauty and the Beast the contest to win as and congratulations and next Monday I hear the risk of developing diabetes and on Tuesday national cinema as he gets mad let’s Russell all will be.

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