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Starting Exercise Program Home

Hey everyone. welcome to yoga with adriene. i am adriene, and i am superexcited because today we have a sequence for the complete beginner. If you’re new to yoga or you’ve been curious about yoga practice and all its wonderful beautiful benefits, this is a great sequence for you. You don’t need any blocks, you don’t need any blankets; all you need is your body and an open mind. If you have a mat that’s great, but otherwise, open mind, open heart. Let’s get started.

Ok, my friends and my new friends, we’re going to begin in a crosslegged position we call this Sukhasana, or the easy pose, the pose of ease. Take a second here to check in with the breath by maybe looping the shoulders a couple times forward, up, and back. Inhale looping forward, exhale grounding down and back. Just finding a little organic movement, and then maybe checking in with the neck by maybe just moving one ear over one shoulder. Then we’ll go forward into chest, shaking the head, yes and no.

Coming back to center, we’ll bring the head over the heart, the heart over the pelvis. Take a second to maybe close your eyes or soften the gaze so you can maybe go inward a little bit as we find alignment; head over heart, heart over pelvis. We life the sternum, lift the chest, and then again, ground down through the elbows on the exhale. Find a nice space between the ears and the shoulders. We just come into the moment with a little integrity, whatever that means to you. For me, it means body awareness, mind.

Awareness, noticing where my thoughts are, and coming back to that body awareness. See if you can begin to deepen your breath; nice, long inhale in and a nice, long, juicy exhale out. Keep that going; nice, long inhalation and a nice, long, extended exhale out. Draw your palms together at the heart, take a deep breath in. Each time we come here, this is a great little beginners’ tip: Each time we come to this mudra, we call it Anjali.

Mudra, you can think about lifting your sternum or your heart up to your chest. often when we get a little bit tired, and we will in our practice, we can have this little reminder to loop the shoulders and lift the sternum to the thumbs each time we come to this handsattheheart or this prayer position, Anjali Mudra. Practice that now. Inhale, lift your sternum up to your thumbs, draw your lower belly or your navel in to meet your spine. Again, we’re just coming into this active.

Body but with this sense of ease. this is going to be a wonderful tool for beginning a yoga practice; just finding the balance between active body, strength, engaging qualities, and then also a softness, an ease, a lightness, a calmness, if you will. Finding a place where those two can dance and be together is what our yoga is all about. Interlace the fingertips, follow your breath. As you inhale, press the palms forward, up, and back. Nice and easy as we climb up the side body, climb up the spine. On your next.

Exhale, release the fingertips down. nothing fancy, just checking with the body, checking with the breath. Inhale again. Forward, up, and back. On your exhale fingertips release with elegance, with ease; opening the shoulders, opening the chest, checking with the side body. One more as we ground down through the top to the thighs. Deep breath and exhale release. Take your right palm to your left knee, sit up nice and tall. Send your left fingertips.

Behind the tailbone. as you inhale, lift up, lift your heart, exhale journey towards the left. Find a gentle twist. Navel draws in towards the spine, and we remember that we come to the mat to have an experience in our body. Don’t crank yourself into the posture. Have the experience of gently moving into the twist, maybe closing the eyes for one last breath. We gently release back to center and take it to the other side; left palm to right knee, sit up nice and tall. This time I’m going.

Starting an exercise program with Jared Anderson MD

When we’re looking to start an activity or an exercise program we wonder, How much is enough, what do I need to do to actually achieve some benefit or make some changes? Most to the recent studies that have come out, show that a 158 minutes of exercise per week.

Is enough to increase our life span by four years. That’s about 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. This can be broken down into tenminute segments. If you can find something that you love to do, anything that’ll get your heart rate up will be beneficial. If we only did 15 minutes a day, our risk of death from any cause would decrease.

By about 14 percent. Little steps that we take, five minutes or ten minutes at a time here and there can add up to make us healthy. Adding in a little bit of weighttraining is beneficial as well by building our lean muscles, even when we’re sitting in watching the movie were actually.

Burning more calories just because we have additional muscle mass. So in a typical week, if we can do five days of exercise 30 minutes, or breaking it up into 10 minute segments: going on a brisk walk with our friends or family, instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs, parking at the back end of a parking lot.

And walking into the store, taking a few extra steps here and there, walking during your lunch break, any of those things can be beneficial. It doesn’t have to be the whole load up the car and head to the gym and work out there and then head home. It can be stuff that we do throughout the day. The majority of our lifestyle changes.

That are lasting actually come from little changes we make on a daily basis. If you hate exercising, maybe the first step is just going out and getting a pair of good walking shoes or running shoes and putting them on. By doing that you’ll start forming habits that over time will make a difference in who you are and how you feel and in how healthy and fit you are.

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