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Iphone App Workout Routine

Today i’m going to share some of my favorite fitness applications. I got a request on Instagram asking me if I can share some of my favorites, and I’m actually going to show them. but all of them. So, let’s get started with the first one. It’s called Nike Training Club This app is Phenomenal! I love that you can create you own 30 day workout plan without having to pay a whole bunch of money.

You can use little to no equipment. you can add running in for some of your cardio for one of your days. it tracks all of your calories, it tracks your Nike Fuel, how many minutes you went through. And it has a profile for you, so you can keep track of everything you are going to do for those 30 days. And if you aren’t into doing a full 30 day plan, you can also do it day to day.

Or anytime that you can and i think the minimum is 15 minutes on here. But you definitely can end it early, and you’re still burning some calories. But it’s a really, really good app! I’m actually going to start a 30 day workout plan on March 1st. Thats when I’m starting my 30 day workout plan. And I also found my meal plan. I’m going to do the 21 day fix. I was researching a whole bunch, and I feel like that’s the one for me.

The next app is from strava, so if you are a runner or you are starting to run, or even if you do cycling, this app is perfect for tracking everything! I love that is has a visual navigation, so you can see exactly where you were, the distance visually. It also tracks your calories, it tracks your up hills, it tracks everything which is really, really nice.

And it’s accurate! i’ve tried a lot of apps that are accurate and i have to say, this one is great! I believe I’ve already mentioned music apps for working out. Pandora and Itunes Radio. I specifically listen to the Power workout, or I can search running music, and A nice little playlist will come up on Pandora as well as itunes. They also have one that is on itunes that is specifically called pop workout.

So, if you are into more of the pop music, you can definitely do that, or again, you can just search what you kind of like to listen too. There is a app called fitter fitness, and this is a fitness calculator. It’s not 100% accurate, you have to go to your to really get a good measurement on your BMR, BMI and body fat. But this is a good overview for me, so I know where I am.

So you can calculate your bmi which is your body mass index and its basically a measurement of your height and weight of the individual be tween certain ages. They also h ave the body fat calculator, you just put in all of your information, and it has different grids and colors on where you are, depending on your percentage. So, that’s another app. I don’t have any food apps on here. I used to have My Fitness Pal and it just got repetitive to me. I used to be on it like, everything I drank,.

Ate. i might start it back when i do my 21 day fix, but it just got repetitive and i just got tired of it. So I just deleted it off my phone cause I wasn’t using it. So that is it for my fitness app favorites, if you guys have any questions or concerns, link them in the comments section. Also, tell me in the comments what you want to see for next weeks fitness and health Friday, what tutorial you wan tot see.

12 Min Beginner Weight Training Strength Training for Beginners Beginner Workout Routine

Hola a tods,coach kozak aqui desde hasfit y esta es mi rutina de entrenamiento con peso para principiantes es una grandiosa rutina para damas y caballeros de los niveles intermedios iniciales a intermedios ciertamente entre mas peso uses la rutina sera mas dificil para ustedes pero prefiero comenzar con el peso mas ligero.

Y asi ir subiendo comforme vean progreso la mayoria de hombres iniciaran con pesos entre 4 a 7 kg y las damas iniciaran con pesos entre 2 a 4 kg muy bien comencemos entonces con algo de movimiento iniciando con un Drill es un ejercicio adecuado para principiantes para mejorar la fuerza del nucleo.

Brindandote algunos movimientos mecanicosbase necesarios optando la posicion de hombros separados y semidoblados manos arriba vamos a realizar over head squat peso soportado sobre las caderas, cabeza y pecho arriba probablemente al inicio no puedan bajar tanto como se ve traten en lo posible de no inclinarse hacia al frente.

Manteniendo los brazos estirados bajando lo mas que puedan manteniendo una buena posicion estirando mientras bajan y suben hasta donde lleguen solo sigan intentandolo respiren,mientras lo intentamos vamos a movernos suave y lento en 3.2.1.ok good!.

Uff ya salio el sol calentando un poco por aqui lo cual es bueno bien antes de que inicie la rutina vamos a necesitar mancuernas para cada ejercicio del dia de hoy asi que las levantamos vamos a realizar 3 rounds con 6 ejercicios particulares.

Nuestro primer ejercicio sera dumbell Good Morning es grandioso para la parte posterior para el soporte de peso solo tienen que mantener los codos pegados al pecho doblarse en un angulo de 90 grados con las rodillas un poco flexionadas.

Ahora quiero que se doblen hacia su cintura sintiendo un estiramiento en los muslos y llevando las caderas hacia adelante para lograr incorporarse sus codos estan bloqueados sus brazos no se mueven respiren,vamos a hacer 8 repeticiones por cada ejercicio de hoy chequen el ejemplo,y pueden iniciar desde aqui muy bien.

Llevo 5 vamos por 8 estirando los muslos, manteniendo la espalda plana empujando la espalda hacia atras uno mas.bien! nos dirigimos con un ejercicio para la parte superior del cuerpo llamado dumbbell Curl + Arnold press.

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