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Good All Over Body Workout

Hey guys welcome to your baywatch bikini body workout if you don’t know what baywatch is you should google it because I’m going to show you how you can become a baywatch babe this is going to be a 10 min workout were going to work your body from head to toe were going to work your glutes your thighs your back your abs you name it you’re going to feel amazing were in beautiful St. Lucia on the northern tip and i just want you for 10 min and you will thank me for it later.

Alright lets do it! alright guys so were going to start at the very back of you mat getting your heart rate up with some lunges so take a big step over were going to start with your left foot first hands over to your hips big step we want to have a nice wide stance and then slowly lower your right leg as low to the ground as possible and then extending all the way up exhale down up for two 3 now as you begin to bend your front knee.

Make sure it does not pass the front toes as you don’t want to put too much pressure into the joints last two and here were going to hover your right knee above the floor your back knee above the floor 8 seconds hold and little pulses 4 8 more 6 5 4 3 2 1 releasing your hands down to the floor step back into downward dog a little stretch for your legs lets take it to the other side right leg up big step lets place the hands back over to your hips.

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And exhale bending both knees 1 2 get that back knee as close to the floor 4 hold it here 8 seconds hover that back knee 3 2 1 and pulse 2 3 4 i hope you’re feeling the burn here 8 more seconds 6 4 2 and one good job place your hands down downward dog stretch it out and then from here were taking it to plank position shoulders above your wrists draw your navel into the spine strong abs mountain climbers, get your knees right into the chest.

1 2 10 more 7 6 4 3 2 1 hold your plank here don’t drop your knees down opening to side plank right arm extends right up hold remember you can always modify by bending you bottom knee to the floor hold 8 seconds you got 5 seconds left were combing this move with our pushups today so bring you hand back to the floor, get down to your knees if you like to modify push ups here we go 5 4 3 2 1 opening to your other side.

8 seconds stack your feet or bend your bottom knee 4 3 2 were going to do 4 pushups noe left hand comes down get down to those knees if you need to 4 last one open side plank again right arm extends hold 8 seconds 3 2 two push ups now and take it down for 2 open to your other side plank one last time 8 seconds left hand comes down just pushups take it down and up now holding your plank here don’t come down yet engage your abdominals.

Deep breath and then slowly were going to do one pushup only to come down to the floor hovering frist and then relax your body all the way down were going to start with out grasshoppers grasshoppers are really good exercises to tone up those glutes as well as the hamstrings and then low back bend your knees, connect your toes or cross your ankles here we go deep breath exhale you’re lifting your knees up as high as you can feel that in your glutes release it back down lift.

3 were going to do 8 lifts 6 last one your going to hold 8 seconds lift your knees up as high as you can squeeze your glutes 2 counts of 8 were going to pulse up 2 3 4 8 more 6 5 3 2 and 1 good job releasing your legs extend your knees and bring your feet slightly to the side now targeting your upper back and the mid area of your back extending your arms forward drop that forehead down to the floor deep breath in so you’re going to lift your upper body up.

As high as you can were going to stay on your belly as we do the lat pulldowns deep breath exhale you’re going to squeeze the shoulder blades together as you bend your elbows inhale reach forward exhale 2 reach you got 4 more bend your elbows squeeze those shoulder blades last 2 squeeze extend hold your body up drop your arms down beside your body and lift your upper body even higher youre going to feel this in your back really good toning exercise lift up even higher 8 seconds.

4 3 2 and one good job release alright guys so flipping over to your back were going to do a few abdominal exercises targeting the whole abdominal area so get your body down knees into the chest extending your right leg left knee stays in modification is dropping that foot down arms forward lift your shoulder blades as high off the floor as possible hold for 8 seconds make sure you’re breathing here don’t hold your breath you go 4 seconds 3 2 arms up inhale exhale push reach push.

Reach 2 more last one good job and switching sides drop your head other leg extends your right knee comes into your chest reach your arms forward lift your shoulder blades off your matt hold 8 seconds 4 3 2 lets lift those arms inhale reach exhale push 3 4 you got 4 more last one knees into your chest drop your head down going right into your bicycles hands behind your head elbows out lift up as high as you can and twist one 2 3 you got 10 more.

10 9 8 7 4 3 2 knees into your chest your going to roll over and get yourself into your boat posture shoulders down away from ears bring your feet forward, extend holding here 8 seconds you got 2 more we got this one and one more exercise and then your done keep pushing yourself through it 4 seconds 3 2 1 extend bring it in for 10 you can always modify i always provide modifications at the top of my tutorials keep going 4 3 last one good job.

And your done were going to sit up nice and tall get your arms up to the ceiling stretch it out to the side very nice job guys that was awesome that was a full body strengething, toning exercises you can include into to your workouts and come back to center reach your arms forward allow your body to come down and then slowly lift it up and remember if you need anymore stretches check out my other tutorials like the pigeon or your after workout stretch if you like.

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