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Full Body Workout Machine Seen Tv

Voiceover This is a Bender Ball. Bender Ball! Bender Ball! When you were a kid, you used to have those balloons that had like, a string, on it, and you would do this. Yeah! Like, I’m just, nicely, you know, cushioning my back a little bit. But, it seems like it just makes it easier. So, I don’t really No, you What do you It keeps your. No, I get it, no. girl scoffs No, no, no. both laugh.

This is definitely less effective than me doing my normal exercise routine, which is not anything at all. Voiceover The Kruncher. With a K, with a K. Oh my gosh. So this is The Kruncher, and so we are the Krunchees boy scoffs It started with, like, a tan, muscly guy from Florida or something, right There he is! The tan muscly guy from Florida! Yes, yes laughs! Pointing directly at you. dance beats play I think I broke it laughs.

Oh. There you go. There we go. Voiceover Oh, is that You go Oh, ow laughs! I just pinched my skin. clapping and laughter Why is this bar right on my breasts man laughs This is all I can do. This is much more difficult than it looks. Voiceover Alright, let me try it, then. Whoa! I’ll be here for moral support. No, nope! Still the wrong way. girl laughs Slimming Sauna Shorts laughs! Sweat away the pounds. Why do they never put a man on the cover of these.

People Try As Seen on TV Exercise Products

This person, it appears, has lost have her body. Am I gonna have to take my pants off for this Is this what I do Is this it, right here laughs No. laughs Also doubles as adult diapers. girl laughs It’s great. I feel like a Sumo wrestler. Wanna go get some frozen yogurt girl laughs Just gettin’ my workout in. You know what I’m sayin’ Could we just look at my one cheek man laughs and claps Oh, easy access. You’re turn.

Girl sniffs Why did you smell that laughs That was just on me. That was so weird. This is my Halloween costume BDSM Smurf. Are there words for I don’t know what to say. No, just take Swamp crotch. both laugh Voiceover Shake Weights! I’m so excited for this. Do you have to shake, too, while you’re doing it laughter I just can’t help but feel like, jerking something off into my own face. girl laughs I don’t like it. They were like, You know what’s a really hard workout.

Girl laughs This. If I had this much resistance girl laughs while jerking off, I would never jerk off, ever. The only thing you can do while using this is just hope that someone doesn’t Photoshop a dick in your hands. I am getting a workout from this, though. I’ll say that much. At least I was smiling the whole time. girl laughs Alright, get behind me, I’ll throw it at you. Wait, what laughs It’s not a medicine ball. Don’t get Oh, my bad.

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