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Exercise Apps On Ipad

Welcome to racemyghost where powerful technology turns indoor cycling into addictive exercise. Using the Wahoo Fitness iPhone bike case or ANT+ dongle, your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad can receive speed, cadence, and heart rate data from any compatible ANT+ sensors. The RaceMyGhost application turns indoor cycling into a race filled with psychological data that motivates you and.

Allows you to determine your best race tactics. Here we can see the interface. For each race you are represented as the blue rider. The yellow rider represents your best performance. The red rider represents your worst performance. The green rider represents your average performance for previous races on.

The same time based or distance based track. You will also notice heart rate tabs on the left of each rider indicating their heart rate at that point of the race. By using this information you can see during the race whether you’re in good physical standing to set a new personal best. In this example, although you are.

Currently in second place, your heart rate indicates you are in a good position to set a new personal best. On the bar to the right you have an overview of the entire race. The total distance or time of the track can be seen at the top, and the percentage completed can be seen at the bottom.

The top two numbers on the left reflect your current speed and average speed. These also show you with both colour and optional expression, where you would place in the race at that current speed. For example, in this screen shot, although you are in second place, if the current speed is maintained at yellow, you will.

Eventually pass the leader and set a new personal best. Your heart rate will change colour depending on which training zone you are in. You can adjust your optimum cadence range in the settings. The cadence will be either red or yellow to indicate whether.

EarMaster Music Theory Ear Training App Tutorial 2 MIDI Controller

In earmaster you can answer most of the exercises with a midi controller instead of tapping on the screen of your iPad. To do that all you need is a MIDI controller like this MIDI keyboard and an interface or adapter to connect it to your iPad. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go. It makes for a more realistic and dynamic training session.

And really brings the lessons to life MIDI input is turned on automatically if you plug a MIDI device into your iPad but if for some reason the MIDI input feature has been turned off you can switch it back on in the exercise options. With a MIDI controller plugged into your iPad you can play the intervals, chords, scales, rhythms.

And melodies of the exercises in real time. In this interval identification exercise EarMaster will play an interval and then ask me to identify by ear instead of tapping on the screen of the iPad i can play the interval on my MIDI keyboard. In rhythm exercises I can tap the rhythms by pressing any of the keys of my MIDI keyboard connected to my iPad.

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