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Hey there this is larry ludwig from investor junkie today reviewing mint dot com. I gotta question for you: How do you manage all your finances today? I mean, if you like anyone else you have a boatload of different accounts.

How you manage your credit card? How you manage your bank statement? Say it’s an account from Bank of America. How you manage your mortgage? If you are like anyone else you have retirement accounts.

In addition to that, you have to manage your car! How you manage all of this from one location? Previously would have to have a program like Quicken, or a or even worse yet you’d have to use a spreadsheet. How do you do that nowadays? Well Mint dot com might be that solution.

Let’s take a look what mint dot com looks like. Okay so here we at the overview screen of Mint dot com. You’ll see here there’s a whole bunch accounts already been setup ahead of time. This is just demo data that Mint dot com supplied to me, but one of the beauties of Mint dot com is it allows you to really manage your finances a one central location. It really makes.

Managing your finances simple. In this case they have some demo accounts for Wells Fargo, Citibank, a few credit cards, some loans, investments, and you can even enter some property if say you wanted to manage your house. But if you were to do this yourself, you have to manually enter your login.

Information say for wells fargo, and on a nightly basis it would actually download that data to Mint dot com. And again the beauty of it is it’s all in one location and with that you can then get alerts for say if you are getting close to your due date on your credit card. Mint dot com can send out a notice saying hey.

You to make a payment before it’s due. Not only that, they can do things such as rate changes. I’ll show you in a minute where you can manage that configuration. but the other aspect of it is allows you to manage a budget, or create a budget. So let’s say for example you wanna watch your spending on your groceries you can.

Do it through this website, and track it on monthly basis. The other thing is setup goals. If you want to set up a goal for say retirement. Or say your child’s college education you can do it through this website as well. Okay let’s go to the transaction section. Transactions are downloaded and categorized on a daily basis.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT TestDriveNow Review with Steve Hammes

If you’re the kind of car shopper who makes their purchasing decisions from here instead of here, well then something this crazy isn’t going to make any sense. It’s the allnew 2014, 470horsepower Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.If you’re perplexed as to why such a Jeep would ever be built, well, your brain likely isn’t wired to appreciate absurd creations. The car nut in me just loves it when companies build machines designed to arouse passion and for the handful who will kick logic to the curb and alleviate their back accounts.

Of $64,000, i’m proud of you. and your reward will be paid in sound, speed and style.so what takes a Grand Cherokee to SRT levels? It starts with the company’s biggest HEMI motor. Unlike its German competitors who use turbocharging to boost output, Jeep applies the KISS principal to go faster and pumps 470 horsepower and 465 pound feet of torque from an enlarged 6.4liter V8. And just what SRT enthusiasts have been waiting for, an 8speed automatic makes its debut for 2014 aiding in smoothness, acceleration and fuel.

Economy. it also greatly ratchets up the grand cherokee’s towing capacity from 5,000 to 7,200 pounds. Though the electronic Thandle shifter is cumbersome to quickly place in the desired gear, there are meaty paddle shifters tucked behind the thickrimmed steering wheel which fire off lighting quick gear changes. It also possesses a sport mode that’ll handle the chore for you. And just behind it is a new button, which sets you up for straightline success.To get your best 0to60mph time just use launch control. The button is just to.

The left of this rotary knob here. you press it, put your foot on the brake, give it some gas and off you go.This crafting of a textbook takeoff resulted in times generally in the mid 4’s, though my best run was a stunning 4.4 seconds, making this American made SUV faster than all of its highpriced rivals, with the exception of the $150,000 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S.But with this SRT Jeep, it’s more than just speed. It’s about a Grand Cherokee with a retuned SelecTrack system, now with 5 settings including a Track Mode which proportions.

70% of the allwheel drive split to the rear wheels for improved cornering feel, an adaptive damping suspension featuring Bilstein shocks which embolden the already strong body producing a very taut ride, a set of 20 ultrawide Pirelli Scorpion Verde allseason run flats, 6piston Brembo front brakes grabbing 15 discs for outstanding stopping force, and SRTtuned steering. And that’s on the mechanical side. Its menacing looks alone are enough to make mere sports cars quiver with a new frontend appearance highlighted by bixenon.

Headlamps surrounded by leds and massive dual exhaust outlets. all the changes srt made are spot on and led a number of people to tell me this week that this is the best looking Jeep they’ve ever seen.And the accolades continue inside where high tech intersects with sport luxury.The Grand Cherokee’s cabin features the best infotainment unit in the industry as well as the sharpest looking and easiest to configure digital gauge cluster.The IT alone in here is jaw dropping enough, with this UConnect unit making all others seem.

Like yesterday’s news. easy to see and use, the visuals are spectacular and items like the Performance Pages are just too cool. The seats are deeply bolstered and appropriately firm like the vehicle itself while added goodies like the dual pane panoramic sunroof and 825 watt 19speaker surround sound complete this very comprehensive package, replete with all of the modern luxury, convenience and safety features being offered today.A new Eco mode might help get you better than the 15mpg I saw this week.and that’s on premium, please.

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