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Chalene Johnson PiYo Workout BEACHBODY

PiYo is stretch, strength, flexibility and cardio rolled into one dynamic workout! You are an athlete. PiYo is for people who just don’t feel like yoga and pilates is the right fit for them. Piyo is for people who know they need flexibility training but they want to get more from their workout. Piyo is extremely effective. Piyo is using your body to train your body. You use your own flexibility and your own strength to change the shape of your body.

I wanted to give people a workout where you’re going to get the cardio, you’re going to get the strength, you’re going to burn the calories, but as it’s happening you’re getting more flexible. I’m drenched in sweat and I haven’t touched a weight today. This is flexibility training that changes your whole body. Yes you become more flexible, but you become so much stronger .everywhere. Push ups get easier, lunges get easier, every part of your body gets stronger, longer, and leaner from PiYo.

Tony Horton 30 MINUTE LIVE WORKOUT feat Bart Baker JacksFilms Olga Kay Brock Baker

Tony Horton Fitness All right, we’re live in, five, four, three, two— Hello world, it’s your pal, Tony Horton, at Tony Horton Fitness YouTube channel. I’m standing here with some really super fantastic kids from YouTube, people who’ve got millions and millions of subscribers.

And I’ve got about 68,000. I’m hoping to get more with their help. So what we did was put them through the P90, the P90 and they got ridiculous, redonkulous results. Bart, where are ya’? Hi. He’s the one with his shirt off. There used to be a mound of poop right here in the front mound—a horrible, horrible—.

Jack’s right there. Jack had a head this big before. His jaw line was down by his kneecap. It was embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing. Brock lost almost thirsty flipping pounds. Here’s what’s crazier; very funny individual, funnier now. Funnier. With every pound that he gains back, not funny. So we hope he keeps it nice and slim. Erin, the woman that sleeps with Jack,.

On separate beds, in separate rooms, in separate houses, in separate towns, show them your muscles. Good, good. Yeah, look. Definition. I hear you can do more pushups than Jack. Anyway. Shira, everybody, Shira. She doesn’t need organs any more as you can see.

It’s just a six pack of trimness and fantasticness. And I’m doing good on the inside as well. And that’s right. And that’s the most— And Olga— Let’s get into the light. Let’s get into the light. Go! What is that? It’s unbelievable! I’ve got to say, I got my first gorgeous from running today. Yeah, well, we’re going to check to see.

If all the stuff, this aesthetic stuff works. And we’re going to do a workout right now. You guys ready for your workout? I’ve got a customized a customized— Pretty scared bud! —here’s a little mix of everything you guys did in P90. Are you ready? And if your home right now, I highly recommend taking off.

All your clothes right now and doing this thing naked. It’s just the way they did it for all these days. Is Josh in the room? Let’s see if we can make Josh really nervous. In the back. All right. No, we’re not going to get him. So here’s our first move. Lateral lunge. We’ve already done our warmup. We did a nice little stretch. Did the shoulders, did the back, did the leg, did the heart and the lungs and the legs, so we’re going to wait for you.

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