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Beach Body Workout Tony Horton

Hey, boys and girls. Tony Horton here at the 2014 Team Beachbody Summit. This is absolutely awesome. And guess what? It is my turn to bring it to 9,300 people. Are you ready to rock?.

I am. Here we go. Please welcome to the stage Tony Horton. Wow! AUDIENCE CHEERING Can you see me in the back row?.

We’re going to do a nice little combination of P90 and P90X number three. I hope you enjoy. Let’s start that music. Boys and girls, here we go. Simple.

Here we go. Push, kick, snap, kick, jab. Right leg forward, hands are up, right side first. Three, two, one. Push, snap, jab. Again, push, snap, jab.

Again. Push, snap, jab. Again. Push, snap, jab it out. Push, snap, jab it out. Push, kick, snap, kick, jab.

Push, snap, jab. Keep it coming now. Push it, snap it, jab it. Push, snap, jab. Push, snap, jab on the side. Here we go.

Right away, hands are up. Three, two, one. Push, snap, jab. Push, snap, jab. It’s Tracy Morrow, everybody. Push, snap, jab.

It’s mark. Everybody. Push, snap, jab. Don’t stop. Push, snap, jab. Again.

Accelerated Series LEG WORKOUT Tony Horton Fitness

tony horton hey kids, it’s your pal tony. We’re on YouTube. This is where all the young people are. laughs Anyway, you know what? We’re going to work the legs. The legs are the part of the body that often gets neglected. Why? Why? Why these giant upper bodies and these toothpicks for legs?.

It depresses me, so we’re going to attack them today. We’re going to work the glutes, we’re going to work the hamstrings, we’re going to work the quads, the calves. Hello. We’re going to do it isometrically. We’re going to do it plyometrically.

We’re going to do 8 reps, 30 reps, timed things. It’s awesome. The one thing about legs, you’ve got to be careful. They’re very vulnerable, so you’ve got to warm up. I’ve already warmed up. My body is ready. I’m heated up. Please, I beg of you, I implore you.

To get yourself ready before you do this little scenario. Any other tips of the day? Let me think. Pace yourself. Pick the right weight. That’s important. Make sure those last 3 or 4 reps are challenging you. All right? Really, really important stuff. Form is everything.

Here’s our first move. it’s called dsll. We’re going to do a dead lift, then we’re going to do a squat and a couple of lunges. Only 8 reps because we’re doing a combination of different moves. I’m going to pick a weight that’s going to challenge me. Let’s look over here. imitating horn music.

Yeah, this feels about right right here. A couple of 35s. Mmm. So pick your weight. This is fine. All right. Here we go. Very important. Back is flat, knees slightly bent. Here’s your dead lift. groaning Hello, hamstrings. Now there’s our squat.

Nice and low. good. And there’s my first lunge, there’s my second lunge. Rep number 1. Let’s do 2. Down groaning. That’s a good thing. It’s good. Feet are parallel. There’s my squat. Here’s my first lungebang, bend that back knee.

Second lunge. and there we go. there’s 2. six to go. And groaning there’s that dead lift. That’s as deep as I feel like going. Next I go into squat. Back, back. Three. And down. Good. Hope my back is flat.

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