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Beach Body Workout Split

How to Get a Bikini Body FAST FUN workout routine diet

(music) Guys before we get started I have a secret to share! I am currently wearing my pajama bottoms with of course this cute top because logic! Hey guys, it’s Clarissa and today I have a tutorial that is so incredibly highly requested around this time of year every year! And I did a tutorial like this last year but I figured I would make an updated version because you guys loved it so much, and I just wanted to help you guys out again! Also before I get started, I just wanted to say that any body can be a bikini body I know that a lot of you guys might have insecurities about your.

Body but really, the thing is that having a bikini body is just all about having confidence and knowing that you are amazing and you are gorgeous no matter what body type you have and you can rock a bikini! Also I am currently having a giveaway where I am giving away an iPhone 6s in rose gold which is so awesome and then I’m also giving away this adorable unicorn phone case and also this adorable pair of headphones right here and also a unicorn floaty and a swan floaty for one extra winner who is following me on instagram! So all you have to do to enter these giveaways is make sure that you’re subscribed to me here on and then also follow me on instagram and twitter and then comment down below what.

Your favorite thing is about summer! I’m going to be sharing with you guys a bunch of motivational inspirational and fitness tips to help you guys get the best most toned body you can for summer or the spring, or whenever you might be watching this tutorial these tips will definitely help you guys out! I hope you are having a wonderful week, and yeah, let’s get started! So something that always really helps get me motivated to workout is having some cute workout gear. Obviously this isn’t a necessity, but it’s a fun way to help motivate yourself to have a healthier lifestyle! Also, some workout essentials that I always like to keep.

With me are hairties, energy bars, lip balm, water, headphones, and makeup wipes. I’ve found that keeping a workout planner can really help stay motivated and inspired, so I would definetly recommend trying this out as well! If you prefer using your phone to organize everything, there are also a ton of apps to help schedule and track workouts, and it’s also an awesome idea to follow some inspiring instagram accounts to get motivated! Swimming is a perfect workout for summer, and you can try out different strokes to tone different areas of your body! 30 minutes of swimming burns around 300 calories, and you’ll be getting a tan at the same time which will actually help make your muscles appear more.

Toned! Swimming is both cardio and strength training, and since water is much denser than air, your muscles are under constant resistance which makes for a really great workout! It’s also great for your lungs, and according to Indiana University, regular swimmers are biologically 20 years younger than their driver’s licenses say they are, so in otherwords, if you want your body to be healthier and younger, swimming is for you! Running is one of my favorite workouts, and it’s actually proven to be one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining a consistent weight! Try running in a cool location to get motivated, and you can also add in squats and other exercises mid way.

Through your run to help build muscle! If you’re ever having a bad day, or if you struggle with stress or depression, running is an awesome way to start feeling better. When you run, your brain releases hormones that naturally improve your mood, so although icecream and Netflix might be calling your name, once you start running, you’ll feel way less stressed out and more confident as well! If you’re looking for fast and easy cardio exercises, jumping rope, hula hooping, and using a skipit are three super easy and fun ways to get in cardio while having fun! I don’t know about you guys, but I used to do these things all the time when I was little.

And just having fun outside, so it’s awesome to add in some fun exercises to your daily workout! Biking is another awesome way to get outside, get active, and have fun! Try going for a bike ride with your friends, and you’ll burn around 300 calories every 30 minutes! If you try riding your bike instead of driving when you have to travel short distances, you can fit some cardio into your busy schedule, while also being kind to the environment! Yoga is an awesome way to center your body and meditate while building long lean muscles at the same time. Usually yoga studios offer a trial class for free, so why not try it.


Caller: Hello? Hey, Jeff! Jeff: What’s going on? Caller: It’s summer and I’m just trying to get myself ready. I know you’ve got a bunch of tutorials and stuff, but I just haven’t really been watching them and I’m wondering – but I love your channel though – what am I supposed to do here to get ready for summer in two weeks? Jeff? Bro? Broba Fett? Bro? Broseph? Jeff? What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX . You didn’t do it again, did you? Did you forget to get ready for summer? Have you been hibernating.

All winter long and now you just remembered because it’s starting to get warm outside that you have to do something actually to get yourself ready? Well, I’ll tell you this: I will give you a game plan, but you’ve got to promise me one thing. You’ve got to promise me that you don’t put yourself in the same position again next year, okay? All right, so here’s what we have to do. I know this might scare some of you, but it starts and ends, always, with nutrition. Especially if you’re talking about trying to make fast changes. Now I don’t care whether your goal is to try to add muscle here in this short period of time to get ready, or if you’re trying to lose body fat. Both of them are.

Going to need to be supported by proper nutrition. When I talk about proper nutrition you’ve got to promise me that doesn’t mean that you’re going to run out and do some sort of starvation diet, or forget to eat at all, or you’re going to do some kind of a cleanse; something radical. Guys, you don’t need to do that. As a matter of fact, leading into my next point here, you’d better be fueling your body with the right types of food. And I mean, actually fueling your body. You’d better not be avoiding carbohydrates, you’d better not be avoiding healthy fats, you’d better not be avoiding protein. You’ve got to get this in if you’re going to build.

Lean muscle. The fact of the matter is, you’re going to be training your ass off over the next four weeks because nothing worth having ever comes easy. If you want to get something worth having then you’re going to have to put the work and the sweat in to do it. I promise you, if you do that over the next few weeks you are going to see some changes. Now here’s what you have to do. You’ve got to start increasing the volume of your training. Let’s face it, you only have four weeks to get something done. If you only have four weeks, if you’re doing targeted muscle group training you’re only to get one muscle group in per week if you stick to that plan.

You’ve got to increase the frequency so you can hit each area at least twice a week. But you don’t just run and do everything haphazardly. You want to have a plan that allows you to train each muscle group heavy. Overload. As hard as you can one time, and then go for the real dedicated, isolated tension on that muscles group. We can do it here in one example with our side lateral raise. I’m showing you the difference here. The first thing I’m doing is a cheat lateral. Yeah, there’s a lot of cheat involved in a cheat lateral. It got its name for a reason, but what I’m trying to do is take a weight that I don’t normally lift in a concentrated, really selective way, but I add some momentum.

To it so that can overload the eccentric and I could allow my muscles to sustain a load that they’re not used to. That’s going to spark the stimulus for new growth. We need it. We need it especially if we’re trying to make fast changes. On the other end of the spectrum, we’re going to have to come back and hit that muscle with real dedicated, concentrated tension. So I can do that with a 1.5 rep style on the same side lateral raise. We’re actually allowing the muscle to feel every single inch of the contraction as we did – a little of the opposite of what we did here with the heavy cheat lateral. But both ways, we’re sustaining different types of load. Enough to cause the stimulus.

For growth. You’re going to want to take that same approach for every single muscle that you have and put it together here to make sure that we’re hitting every area twice a week. Then comes in the weak point training and when it comes to summer, like it or not, some of these areas are going to have to be seen. If calves are one of your weak areas you’re going to have to add some extra weak point training. What I like to do is recommend – especially for calves – to add three dedicated sessions of calf work in per week. Now, that doesn’t mean all out 30 and 45 minute sessions. You should know me better by now. We don’t need to do that even for an entire workout. With.

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