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Chalene Johnson PiYo Workout BEACHBODY

PiYo is stretch, strength, flexibility and cardio rolled into one dynamic workout! You are an athlete. PiYo is for people who just don’t feel like yoga and pilates is the right fit for them. Piyo is for people who know they need flexibility training but they want to get more from their workout. Piyo is extremely effective. Piyo is using your body to train your body. You use your own flexibility and your own strength to change the shape of your body.

I wanted to give people a workout where you’re going to get the cardio, you’re going to get the strength, you’re going to burn the calories, but as it’s happening you’re getting more flexible. I’m drenched in sweat and I haven’t touched a weight today. This is flexibility training that changes your whole body. Yes you become more flexible, but you become so much stronger .everywhere. Push ups get easier, lunges get easier, every part of your body gets stronger, longer, and leaner from PiYo.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 1

Hi there, welcome to Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. I’m hoping you know me I’ll be your trainer. My name is Jillian, and with me today my two best girls helping us out Anita beginners eyes on her. She is going to be doing.

Modified versions of some of the harder exercises to help ease you into it. Now, for those of you who are up for a a bit of a challenge just a bit. ha ha keep your eyes on natalie and if you want to look like this, do what she does and you should be there in no time! right?. Sure. Ok. I think we’re ready to begin. Let’s start with a warmup. We’re going to begin with arm crosses.

Take them out to the side and cross them over now here’s the idea. Big movements. Dynaimic stretching. Now that means we’re opening up the muscles with movement ok? We don’t ever want to do static stretches until the workout is over as a cooldown now, you may not be as flexible as the girls just give me everything you’ve got and. shake it out. Windmills, here we go.

The idea here is to keep those arms locked straight come around and across the body. Keep your abs tight and pick up as much speed as you can we’re opening up those shoulders and opening up the chest. I don’t want any injuries. You should be feeling that heart rate start to elevate and soon, the body is going to get a little bit heated. 2 more seconds here and. 2 nice. Shake it out. Right into jumping jacks, hit it! with our dynamic stretching, we are going to need some cardio in that warmup.

Because we want to make sure that our heart rate is up and the body is literally warm because this makes our muscles more flexible and keeps us from getting hurt. No getting hurt.That is not allowed Not part of the program. Here we go! 2 more, last one, and drop it Now we’re going into hip circles Feet are slightly wider than your hips, hands on the hips Now we’re going to take it around right here.

Now if you’re like me, you might feel a little silly doing these, however, I always start with hip circles because, they open up all of the muscles in my core. and keep me from getting hurt getting too tight during my workout 2 more times around guys and 1 more big circle, really stretch it out right here. Perfect.

Now, feet are going to come in about hipwidth apart we’re going to take it down. Hands on the knees We’re moving into knee circles ready? Begin. Little bit oldschool here, but really effective loosening up those knee joints. We don’t want any injuries. Helping us create some flexibility in the joints Nice and loose. Take it way down and around, let’s go for 2 more and 1, and.

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