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Beach Body Workout Classes

Hey guys were in costa rica at surf vista villas in Santa Teresa and i have a yoga sequence for u today which will is called sunrise surf yoga this yoga sequence is targeted for surfers.

Or anyone that wants to work their shoulders, abs and their hamstrings also great way to start your day in the mornings so grab some water mat and lets go ok so starting in childs pose find your breath.

Slowly come up to all fours inhale arch echale rounds one more time like that exhale bring the hands all the way to top.

Puppy posture allowing the hips to stay over the knees letting the chest fall down bring elbows down come through into baby cobra allow the hips to come forward look up to the sky.

Then lift the hips back up coming back into puppy pose letting chest come down extend right leg left arm hold here engage you abs.

Exhale crunch inhale extend exhale crunch touch elbow to knee tuck left toes under lift to one legged dog bending right knee coming into plank touch your chest.

Inhale reach exhale chest reach the leg up exhale bring it into chest exhale release high plank side plank.

Modify by bending bottom knee then release left hand take push ups high plank exhale chaturanga upward dog inhale.

Pilates Yoga Workout Yogalates Beach Fusion

Hey guys welcome to your beach bum yogalates we are in beautiful Samara, Costa Rica and I have a 15 min workout for you thats going to fuse pilates with a couple of yoga exercises.

So if you’re ready grab a mat some water and lets do this ok guys so were going to begin with our roll up exercise your feet grounded to the floor reaching the arms forward inhale and exhale keeping the spine round.

Your going to take it down nice and slow inhale reach the arms exhale push reaching forward now as you come down think of releasing one vertabra at a time this is a really good exercise to warm up your body.

Warm up your core, warm up your body raise that body temperature up inhale exhale reach now coming down about half way right in the middle extending your right leg engage the right quadricep working the oblique.

Exhale give me twist for 8 twist to the right 6 5 2 one very good.

Release the right foot come through exhale come back down again half way extending your left leg engage the left quad inhale, exhale twist.

8 7 5 3 2 very nice relesing your left foot.

And take it all the way down reaching your arms over your head windshiled wipe side to side warming up the spine and going right into our double tow taps legs up to table top.

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