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How to Create a Hybrid Workout Plan

Hi guys. it’s petrina, your go to girl for learning how to make fit work in a crazy busy world. Today, I’m going to tell you all about how to keep fit interesting. In a little bit of a confession time, I have workout ADD. I have bought pretty much nearly every single beach body workout program ever made. I love doing them in the sequence that they set up, but then when there’s no new program coming out, I like to keep things interesting and mix things up with hybrid workout programs and if you have any experience.

With beachbody workouts, chances are you’ve found one by googling. let’s say you have Insanity and P90X and you want to mix them up. It’s very easy to find a workout program just by Googling Insanity and P90X hybrid. Some combinations are not so easy to find, so you have to kind of get creative and maybe take the wall calendar and built it yourselves, but there is an easy peasy way to create your own unique hybrid with whatever beach body programs you want just by going to a simple website and taking a few steps and I’m going.

To show you exactly how so let’s get on the computer. Alright guys, I’m going to show you how simple it is to create your own customized hybrid. You’re going to go to this website. I’ll put a link in the description. It’s workoutscheduler /hybridworkoutcalendarscheduler/ and again that link is going to be in the description. Not only do you have Beachbody workouts as an option, but you also MMA workouts for the purposes of this demonstration and since I am a Beachbody gal, we’re just going to do it as if we’re doing it from beach body.

Programs. what i really love about this too is you can figure out which days you want to have off, which I recommend at least taking one day off. I typically make Sunday my day off from the workout. If you’re just getting started, I’d say take two or three days off a week and for each day there’s a drag down menu where you can do one workout, one workout and an ab workout. You can do two workouts in a day. You can even specify if you want to do a double day that you want to keep it to 30 minutes or less for each workout or.

Less than 45 minutes. if you know you’re going to be time crunching, you can choose those options. I’m going to create this with let’s say single, single plus abs each day and we’ll alternate from days and we will make that Sunday a day off. You can choose which workouts you want to have as a part of the program and when you click on that plus sign, it’s going to expand everything for you as you can see and you’ll have pretty much every single beach.

Body workout program at your disposal to make a hybrid with. with all the variables listed, you may get a little bit befuddled by the abundance of choices and in that case, I’d say to talk with your coach about which goals you have and they can help guide you in the right direction. Another great thing about this is if you do have Beachbody on demand, there’s a free 30 day trial which is crazy. You’ll have access to a lot of these workouts in there. The newer.

Ones you won’t unless you already bought the program on its own, but most of these you’re going to have complete access to so let’s build our own hybrid Machine Extreme and Insanity. Then you can scroll down the page and you can pick a schedule, whether you want to work out from four weeks all the way up to 16 weeks. We’ll go for this one, we’ll say it’s a 12 week program. You can indicate whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced workout of what you want your focus to be, whether you want it to be a mix of cardio and strength.

Training in which case that would be total body or if you want to have more of the focus on cardio or strength. I’m going to go ahead and say total body and I’ll say this person is intermediate because I would hope that you would be at least intermediate to tackle Insanity and Extreme. Then you’ll click the build schedule tab and it will schedule a workout for you. It will tell you what workouts you’ll be doing on each day. You can scroll down to see the whole program.

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