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Coterie this episode beyond sex is brought to you by thirty online meetings made easy a new car you all know that box to show is of family values sojourner their concern uh. and bad over there holds would pretend they’re not their opinion homes of course there new sauteed.

Uh. presented their fair and balanced and that’s their slogan that at all uh. elaborately bsr audience uh. that they will tell you in a seven pulls of course racks and shelves conservative such carry as they seem to have hot chicks on there all the time we like to show a leg and we’ve done that segment before you buy that i knew to light show a lot of skin.

But many kali one of their more conservative voices on the news side has any you’ve we’ve done haha you know dozens of clothes on her the wildly defending the deserves that well the intelli has decided to show a little bit more skit achhi women did she cute spread.

Words kinda looks like that’s what’s going to love the picture do which i say how you do it does that look like family values to you ankit that some serious that skin right there man.

Base you want to do it with the essay but but they tell you right bailey right l_a_ idea made in this she looks good in that picture break it graded i don’t know things that family values ready family values is giving state aircon service.

That these across the country and prorate the family values maiden name figured hey you know what it works for several when i get richer douglas evidence possibilities spotlight being played flat it was simply to set up until this thing about that they want from anywhere tennis court four nine dollars a month to the following protocols.

Maxim Hottest Girls Heres The Top 10

It ideally having which have been on the earl we do resume it was very similar last year for away and that was a controversial pic but this year’s take i would argue is much more controversial of visiting let out.

Let’s also number ten of congress is said to the end of day and liked it and understand and these people except number one well today hillside every time you have jennifer ludden hewitt very beautiful girl %uh.

I mean she has beautiful face beautiful body and canyon but he’s in my practice is that i might not have a little less than yours and she’s a he’s a fighter man fetus cannot stay in their he sees that stuff up about her up all right with the winner.

Alright number nine is giordano brewster she is the daughter of yale university president while how little do i care about that there’s an argument for with that’s all really shouldn’t be of it i guess i kind of doing that i don’t know andrea.

Unknowing i know a lot of people disagree but reality not even close so some one hundred free can do it can win with it it’s really beautiful but i don’t know about options than an ipod okay so number seven.

My personal favorite agent in lima victoria’s secret model gorgeous brazilian person on the right place is the lies like it if i were men it’s up to argue against in generally what she’s a classes the you know if you’re going.

To give to someone if they give ur number one last three years running i could not so andrea i’m not sure she’s my favorite but i liked her knowing can argue with joyful number six allies additional.

Nap you know this was a little %uh i thought was a little underrated before i think it might be a little over reading her at that number five defied yes this is a five but most of the six inside which excuse me.

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