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Beach Body Shoulder Workout

Hypertrophy! That’s also known as resistance exercises. And we’re going to do 6 of them in a row. We’re going to hit all the good muscles, except the lower half. I’m talking shoulders, bi’s, tri’s, chest, and a little bit of back. I’ve done my circles, I’ve done my Egoscue, I’ve done all of my I.

Even did my lips. Our first move though, push up, bird dog crunch. 12 reps, clean, pretty, smooth. Here comes the first one. You’ve got your push up. Reaching, holding, owning, crunching, extending.

1, down and up. Core activated, crunching, extending, 2. Reach, crunch, making contact, extending. Down, 3. Push up, extension, crunching, extending, 4. Down up.

We can go fast and ugly like other punks, but we ain’t doing that here. Owning it, crunching, owning it. Extending, owning it, down, 5. Push up, extend, crunch, extend, 6. Down, crunching, extending, working, 7.

Crunch, extend, 8. Push up, extend, crunch, extend, 9. Push up, extend, crunch, 2 more. Down and up. Own it, crunch it, extend it. Last one.

Push up, reach, crunch, reach. Awesome. So number 2 is glamour hammer. In and out. Pick a weight that works so that reps number 10, 11, and 12 suck. In an awesome way.

Here’s my weight. Each combination in and out is 1 rep. So you’re really doing 24. Ready? 1, 2, tapping the shoulders. Up 3, up 4, standing up tall, one foot in front of the other.

Up 5, up 6. Halfway. Up 7, up 8. 4 more. Up 9, to the front, 10. There’s a burning sensation!.

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