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Beach Body Hiit Workout

Okay today is day 17 a tag aid doll by God is one of my favorite I love claudio look in a sweat on but I also look that big you get when you lift wat you swept through backed is my baby but kinda bit because the next day you know you most soul feeding leaving you feel strong maybe you go few more like pounds up when you way to make money doing.

You just feel also been big step hmc you’ve got a exercises you do need 8 times through for there to be that like season body ok as you know what this is for those of you that just turning me on to take you through every single exercise all 8 and then you gonna do each one 8 time through you do alway that you do what they can.

That you do it again and you do each one each hopeful should not be checked said the time each boat 8 up to the next and then you go fast and hard they would rest in between that Patrik you need a break have a break but the turkey Hugo followed to make sure you’ve got a low mediumweight.

And a big way to stop it you can’t wait and then take it down as you need to okay so start with the bicep curl you wait good baby make such bed all space out which elbows call people would have the body told doubled to pedestal you live ok she showed its not.

Shows let go all the way down lift up take it all the way down lift up 3 put this is a speedo one 5 say I want to empower said that 8 know what you did 8 you drop these weights as fast as you can and then you gonna go into fly unless you need a small only.

Us moderate the tense make so try to get nice and tall go out to show this take it down slight bend the elbow to this is a speed 3 full try not to bend you body trying to move your body take 7 8 should fly that when she turned a to them you transition straight.

Into squat press so with she’s you like you might be able to help you a team like $80 value some bad way we’ve got then UAE straightaway we going to spot price 8 so they clashed slightly wide nobody showed should it back.

Go down swampers for a to read top 3 for down fixed right at all power or 7 age what you cannot top the way next.

The Perfect Workout Full Body Blast Tone

Hey guys welcome to your mermaid workout were in beautiful Koh wai and i got an amazing workout for you that goings to target upper body legs abs your shoulders and your back its a full body workout.

Thats amazing to keep your upper body stong and your fins nice and strong as well so if your ready grab a mat a water and lets do it alright guys so were going to begin today in our second position squat take a big wide step.

Interlace your fingers extending your arms squatting down and up keeping knew pointing away from u keep going almost there at the very last one were going to pause and hold that second position.

Hold just lifting one heel of the floor alternating your heels strengthening those ankles staying low with the hips hold it.

Try to lift both heels of the floor find your balance and take a pulse bring those feet parallel turn right toes out left toes in take a lunge squat.

Bending both knees and two the back knee literally comes in inch of the floor front knee does not pass the from toes almost done hold it arms to the side.

Bring the arms together up to the side forward up side keep that bottom knee low to the floor forward up side last one extend back knee.

Reach arms forward chest down arms come down to the floor stepping back to plank holding first breath in opposite knee touch the elbow one.

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