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Bar Brothers Workout Intermediate

Welcome, today we are in arnhem, papendal. Beautiful calisthenics park. Today we will do a new kind of tutorial. An indepth workout tutorial. We going to show you what exactly we do. What exercises and how much rest.

So we will start soon with the first exercise I am going to do backday today. I’ve already done a pushday Oke, chestday. We going to do four different exercises. Regular dips.

Pushups. Diamond pushups. Tricep extensions. We work in sets, not in rounds. You going to use weights for resistance? And ofcourse this workout will be weighted.

We will use 2010 kg weights this workout. He will also. Yes around that weight amount. We going to do the 2nd set of dips. 12 reps with 20kg 60 seconds rest.

We rest between exercises at the moment. Next exercise will be diamond pushups. The next exercise is diamond pushups. 4 sets + 10kg. 810 slow reps. (come on!).

The next exercise that we will perform is for triceps. Triceps extensions. 4 sets of 12 reps. (slow) We will help eachother with put resistance. (Help with resistance?) Yes help with resistance.

End of our workout! Bamake the outro. oke Workout is done for today. I’ve done backday. With weights ( Weighted pullups).

They’ve done weighted pushups. It all goes well. and ofcourse like and subscribe. Thumbs up if you want to see more! If you liked this tutorial let us know in the comment section! Then we will make more tutorials like this in the future!.


Goodmorning everyone! Great that you are watching this new day in life tutorial! I am Dennis of Bar Brothers Netherlands. We going to. Record what we do today. As you can see it’s a little busy in our house.

We going to move to another house. We will move to Venlo (The Netherlands) A new house. I still live with my parents. So that’s where I am also busy with. Today I will help a little . I will loose the floor a bit.

At the end of the afternoon we will workout. But first I am going to eat. breakfast. But first let’s check my weight. You guys will know my weight at the moment. I often get a question: what is your weight/height.

I am 183cm( 6,0 ft) And my weight is. We will check it now. Did not eat anything yet. 78 kg (172 lbs) I will start with green tea.

Green tea. I drink it without sugar. By the way This cup I got it from someone who was training with us for once. From Poland. Adrian Thank you again.

I still use it lol. I will make my breakfast now. I will eat my breakfast over here. My breakfast: 100 gr Oats with 300ml milk, 3 eggs, 1 banana and some water (green tea). Going to eat now. My cousin will come later this day. I will loose the floor a bit.

I am done with my breakfast. and this is what i do the whole day. I am sitting on this chair. doing nothing xD Done with loose the floor for today. I did the half of this room. My cousin (John) will be here soon.

We will go to the supermarket get some food. The next thing that I eat is this smoothy. Apple, Pear, Spinach, Oats, Chia Seed, Maca. I will blend it with water (you can also use ice) This is what I eat, Smoothy + Greek Yoghurt Oke my cousin is here .

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