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10 vegetarian or shakahari foods protein for bodybuilding Hindi India Fitness Rockers

Hello friends welcome to fitnessrockers whenever we talk about bodybuilding diet we normally listen to a myth that only nonvegetarians can build good muscles but its not right there are many famous bodybuilders who are actually vegetarians in this tutorial we will cover 10 vegetarian foods for bodybuilding which will break this myth we will start with indian herbs which are very beneficial for bodybuilding and lean mass gain.And you will be surprised to know that these herbs are very popular in bodybuilding world already first one is ashwagandha it is also known as indian gingseng, a powerful herb.

Ashwagandha is very effective in boosting testosterone naturally which in turn increase the strength make muscle building a very easy task it strengthens the heart muscle, controls cholesterol improves cardiovascular health its a very good anti depressant herb.Second super food for bodybuilding is asparagus worldwide bodybuilders uses it before the competetion to give their body a ripped look due to incomplete amino acid chain it is treated as incomplete source of protein but its become complete if eaten with brown rice it is an easiest, cheapest and effective way to load protein healthy carbs after a heavy workout.

12 Easy Core Strength Exercises to do at Home

It’s J and today i want to talk about core strength.There is a common misconception about core strength.Many people think it’s all about abdominals.Abdominals are a very important component however you need to have a good pelvic and back strength to go along with the abdominals.So today i’ll show you some alternating exercises that help strengthen the abs, pelvic and back muscles.Let’s go! in this tutorial i have displayed 12 different exercises.As far as incorporating these exercises into your routine to increase your core strength what i recommend is for you to choose two.

Or three of each abdominal and back strengthening exercises and then alternate those 2 to 3 times per week in your workouts.For instance on day one you could do the supermans followed up with the classic crunch.Then you could do the swimmer.Follow that up with the obliques to the left and to the right and so on.This way you are working the abdominals and the back in a one to one ratio.A key point to keep in mind when you’re doing abdominal exercises is to try and activate the core before you go into the abdominal contraction.To do that.

Just place your hand on your belly button and try and bring your belly button down towards your spine.Once you get the feel for that when you go to do an abdominal exercise try to activate that abdominal core first and then go into your abdominal exercise.As you can see as well i have been progressing the difficulty level as the exercises are going up in number.So as you can see here the finisher is a lot more difficult than the classic crunch.As well the plank walk is a challenging one.So that way you’ve got many options.Just.

How to Build Muscle 5 Easy Steps

In this tutorial, i’m going to show you exactly how to build muscle fast, and more importantly, how to do it without gaining any unnecessary fat in the process while even burning some fat instead! all in 5 easytofollow steps so let’s get started! if you’re not following the 5 steps i’m about to share with you, you will either end up gaining a bunch of unnecessary fat, or not gain any muscle at all so if you want to build muscle, listen carefully step 1 consume more calories than you burn.

To build muscle, you need to be consuming more calories than your body burns throughout the day you can be doing everything else right, but if you skip this most crucial step, your muscle building goals will surely suffer.Ya, you may be able to build a bit of muscle without consuming more calories than you burn if you’re a beginner, and new to working out but your results will stagnate soon after, and you’ll end up looking the same, week after week so if you currently have trouble building muscle, this is probably the main reason why.

You’re simply not consuming enough quality calories, every day.Think of it this way if you want to build a bigger house, you’re going to need more building material if you want to take your car on a 10hour road trip, you’re going to need more fuel or else your car will break down along the way, and never reach it’s destination.Same holds true for your body if you want to build your body, by building lean muscle mass, you will need to add some more quality calories to your diet.

And the key word here, is quality! but not too much more since you don’t want to end up fat! most people trying to build muscle get this part wrong, and end up gaining a bunch of unneeded fat in the process, by eating anything, and everything in sight some people call this a dirty bulk’ but if looking lean and uncovering your six pack is your goal, you definitely don’t want to go on a dirty bulk’ or else the only thing you will uncover, is a big old belly!.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, you will want to find out how many calories you need a day to simply maintain your current weight.As i discussed in my previous tutorial about how to burn belly fat’ once you know what that number is, simply add about 200 more calories per day, and that should be enough to build some lean muscle, without all the unnecessary fat! if you add too many more calories, your body won’t be abel to use all of it towards building new muscle, and will store the excess calories, as fat.

If your body doesn’t need to use it, it stores it! so, if you follow that advice, you should be well on your way to building lean muscle mass without all the added fat! you will also want to make sure you’re getting anywhere between 12 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day, since protein is the most important nutritional building block for your your muscles as well as a good amount of lowglycemic carbs, and healthy fats.Step 2 progressively overload your muscles the next most important part of building muscle is to make sure that you are progressively.

Overloading your muscles by consistently following a proper workout program muscles can only grow when a consistent amount of stress is applied to them when you workout, or lift weights with a challenging amount of resistance, you are essentially tearing down your muscle fibres and to compensate, your body eventually adapts to the stress, by increasing the amount and size of your muscle fibres causing you to get stronger, and more muscular so you can better deal with overload the next time you attempt to challenge yourself with a new challenging resistance.

The key though, is to progressively overload your muscles more and more, over time you can do this by slowly increasing the resistance and volume in your workouts every week or so.Any good workout program should contain at least one form of progressive overload built into the program, since you always need to apply new stress to your muscles, if you want them to consistently grow step 3 always use proper form truth is, about 95 of people that workout, perform most exercises with bad form! so, the chances that you are one of those people are pretty high.

I was also one of those people back before i learned all this stuff, and i speak from experience when i say.Proper form is one of the most important aspects to getting results, avoiding injury, and not looking like a fool in the gym everything from the positioning of your feet, elbows, wrists, knees, head, all the way to the alignment of your back, and the speed at which you perform the exercises these are all crucial aspects you must be aware of when it comes to proper form, for.

Each specific exercise you also want to avoid using momentum on most exercises, and simply, focus more on the movement.The term time under tension’ is a great thing to keep in mind when performing any exercise you always want to keep tension on the muscles you are working throughout an entire set, even if it means dropping the amount of weight, so you can complete an entire set with proper form slow the movements down, and always focus on your form.Porper form is always more important than the amount of weight you lift.

You can also find an experienced personal trainer that may be able to help you in your local gym but just because they took a personal training course over the weekend that doesn’t mean they are experts and after watching this tutorial, you might know more about this topic, than they do so choose your sources of information wisely, and always use proper form! step 4 let your muscles recover rebuild after properly following 3 of the previous steps, your body will now be ready to build muscle fast.

As long as you let your muscles recover, and rebuild to do this, you will need to reserve about 23 days per week where you will not lift a single weight these are usually called rest days you can still be active, but you should allow your body to recover for at least 2448 hours, before working out again.Also, you should’t work the same muscles more than 2 days or so, since most muscles need at least 48 hours to recover so, if you worked out your back and biceps on monday, you shouldn’t work them again.

Until at least thursday.Most good workout programs have strategic rest days built into them, so all you have to do is simply make sure to take advantage of those rest days, by simply giving your body a chance to rest, and recover sleep well, and fuel your body with the proper nutrients to optimize your muscle gain.Step 5 get an edge with supplements welcome, to the mountain of protein.Where all your supplement and protein dreams come true.This final step can help you optimize your results, while also giving you a slight edge.

In your performance, and ability to gain more muscle faster! but, it’s not necessary you will still be able to build muscle by simply following the 4 previous steps already mentioned.However, if you’d like to experiment with some supplements, here are a few that i would personally recommend to take on your journey to building more lean muscle, fast! 1 is protein.As i already mentioned, protein is the most important nutrient when it comes to building muscle and getting enough of it is crucial however, since consuming 12 grams of protein per pound of body weight, every single day.

Can get pretty complicated, and tiresome supplementing with protein powders can be very benneficial, while also saving you a lot of time 2 is creatine.Supplementing with creatine can also be beneficial when working to build muscle, by increasing your muscle size, overall strength, while also supplying you with more energy for your workouts.Basically, creatine pulls water into your muscles, expanding your muscle fibers, and allows you to exert more force.And while you will be able to lift heavier weight while taking creatine, this will cause a greater overload on your muscles, and your muscles will eventually have no choice but.

To grow.So it’s worth considering 3 branchedchain amino acids bcaa most proteinrich foods, already contain amino acids, and many protein powders on the market add additional bcaa’s to each serving but, if building or maintaing muscle mass is one of your main goals, supplementing with bcaa’s throughout the day, or around workouts can be a good idea since it will help keep your body in an optimal state for building muscle, by turning on muscle protein synthesis which is basically the term to describe the process of replacing, and building muscle.

Tissues.And since building muscle is your goal, supplementing with bcaa’s can be beneficial i’ll make future tutorials where i will talk more about these different supplements i use, in more detail but for now, if building muscle is your main goal, you should definitely think about adding a good protein powder, creatine, and bcaa’s to your diet in summary, if you follow the advice i just shared with you in this tutorial, you will be well on your away to building muscle you now know more than most people do about how to build muscle fast!.

So go out there, and be sure to use the information you just learned if you found this tutorial helpful, please support my channel by subscribing, so you can get updates whenever i upload new tutorials, and let me know if you liked the tutorial by giving it a thumbs up below as i plan on uploading many more tutorials like this, and would love to get your feedback! also leave a comment if you have any questions, or would like to request any future tutorial topics you would like me to post!.

Bodyweight Back Workout NO PULLUP BAR

What’s up, guys jeff cavaliere, athleanx.Another bodyweight wednesday workout tutorial for you here.This time, covering the back.An area that a lot of guys say hey! how the hell do you cover that if i don’t have a pullup bar i would recommend you get a pullup bar.They’re not that much money and they are very, very versatile an allow you to do a whole lot of other things.But at athlean0 we say you don’t need anything! you don’t need bars, bench, bands, pullup bars nothing.We can get you a workout.

Today i’m going to show you how to get your upper, your mid, and your lower back.All these areas that you need to hit if you want complete low back development, okay so, first of all, upper back.Get on the floor, put your elbows on the ground like i’m showing you here.This is a back widow.Make sure you use this in our athlean0 program.You drive your elbows into the ground.You can keep your feet flat on the floor and what you’re doing is you’re driving the lift.

Of your torso, your upper back, off the ground via the elbows.Don’t push through your feet, they’re just there for support if needed, but you really want to be able to push through the upper back.That’s how you’re going to engage the rhomboids, that’s how you’re going to engage the traps, that’s how you’re going to engage your posterior delts to try to get you up and off the ground.The key here is to hold each repetition, try to stick it, hold the contraction, and make sure that you got up there because of the back and not because of momentum.Next we.

Move on to the lats, more of the midback, or the meaty area of our back.Yes, we can work this, too.Especially if we have nothing to use because what we have to do as i always tell you look around.Look at your surroundings.Utilize some creativity and you can get the job done.So here i’ve broken out a pair of pans on a slick floor.I have to say, this ain’t all that slick.This is concrete.I can do it, though.A little more friction, but it’s going to make it a.

Little tougher than if you had a hardwood floor, or linoleum floor, or something like that.The idea is that you get yourself all the way to this fully outstretched position.I have my feet all the way back behind me, i have my arms all the way out straight in front of me and what i do is, i initiate this complete, total body pull down, or pull over, or drag, all the way up to the top position.Then i lower myself back down.You can see that this very much mimics a pullover or at least a straight arm pull down.

You know i’m one of the biggest fans of that exercise.To make it more difficult go all the way back up onto your toes at the end.So you’re basically in a pushup position, to then pull yourself out of.If you want you can actually drag your whole shin against the ground until you’re up to the point where you can then pull the rest of your body up.So you can unweight some of your body by allowing your knees and shins to touch the ground.Finally, sort of a combo exercise.I think one of the most important things for you to.

Do when you’re training your lower back is to train it with the muscles it prefers to work with.So it likes to get some help from the gluts, and it’s also going to like to get some help from above from the lats that obviously tie into your low back.So you can do that with this variation of, basically, a superman.We’re going to do it with our arms behind our body though and you can see very subtly that i’m actually rotating my shoulders back with each repetition.So i’m even trying to.

Get a little bit of external rotation to get the back here, and our rotator cuff involved.So i’m actually getting a little external rotation and obviously the squeeze of the lats and then of course, the gluts and low back working together too.Here, the important thing is how long you hold it for.Try to hold it, or stick that contraction again for two to three seconds so that you can make sure that the muscles you want are doing the job and not just momentum.So guys, as you can see, bodyweight doesn’t only mean you have no options.As a matter.

Of fact, some of these exercises like the second one in particular are so damn hard that you might have to dial them back.So that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the difficulty of the exercise and therefore the results that you can get from doing them if you’re stuck at home using bodyweight only.If you use a little bit of creativity like i said, and you understand the concept of overload you can get the job done.If you want help with that i’ve got a complete six week program where we build in exercise.

Bodyweight exercises using nothing, no bars, no bands, no benches nothing.It’s for your biceps as well as your back the challenging areas that people think you can never hit we cover it all.It’s our athlean0 program.You can get that over at athleanx.In the meantime, if you’ve found this tutorial helpful make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below and let me know what else you want to see here and i will do my best to cover it in the weeks ahead.All right, guys.I’ll see you back here again soon.

Workout Plan for Skinny Guys Hardgainers THIS BUILDS MUSCLE

What’s up, guys jeff cavaliere, athleanx.I’m talking to the skinny guys today.Now don’t worry, it’s going to be helpful for all, but i’m going to get inside the minds of the skinny guys because i know what the hell you’re thinking.I’ve been one and i know how to get you a lot bigger than you are right now because i know the things that you should be focusing on.Today i’m going to tell you exactly what to focus on in your workouts if you don’t want to be skinny anymore.The first thing i’m going to tell you to do shocker is.

Get your ass to the gym.Now, it’s not about telling you to start working out.You already know that.You’re probably already doing that.I’m saying get yourself to the gym.Face your fears.Remember i said i was going to get in your head i know what you’re thinking.You’re maybe a little nervous to go to the gym because you’re afraid of the ridicule being the skinny guy.You look around, you see all these guys lifting heavy weights, grunting, groaning, intimidating.You’re sitting there holding 20lb dumbbells in your hand.

Thinking you’re not going to measure up to them.You know what, guys screw that and screw them because anybody at the gym that would ridicule you for the weights that you’re lifting has no bearing on you.It doesn’t even deserve your concern because that’s a dick.Nobody who’s been where you’ve been at all of us have started somewhere and most guys in the gym are going to respect your pursuit.They’re going to respect the fact that you’re there despite how thin you might be, doing what you need to do to change that.I can tell you that right away, that 99 of the.

Guys that you maybe think are intimidating are probably respecting the shit out of you because they know what you’re been through.If they’ve been there themselves they know more than that.The idea is, make yourself accountable and face your fears.Unless you have to work out at home for a particular reason then get there.I’m telling you, you’re going to find more out of getting there because facing your fears in just that one move of arriving at the gym is going to set the stage for everything else.Now, when you’re there, the most important.

Thing to do is simplify.Find one exercise per major muscle group to focus on.What am i talking about well, major muscle groups are your chest, your back, your shoulders, your legs, and your arms your biceps and triceps.Obviously your core is thrown in there as well, but we’re not going to worry about that so much.We’re trying to build as much muscle as we can.So of those six major muscle groups, pick one exercise.I’ll give you a head start.I think you should focus on a bench press.Not necessarily with.

Dumbbells because you might not have the coordination yet to handle the independent dumbbells, but use a bar.Do a bent over row for your back.Do a squat for your legs.If you can’t do a squat because you’ve either got knee problems, or back problems, then maybe try a dead lift.I personally prefer dead lifts more than i prefer squats for my particular case for my knees.Do an overhead press.Do a barbell curl and do a lined tricep extension, okay these are exercises that have two things in common.One they’re compound.They usually.

Involve multiple joints.We want to start trying to build your coordination on these movements and allow you to become stronger, allowing different muscles to work together.The second thing is, they allow you to eventually overload.So let’s just look at a case of the arms.A barbell curl is always going to be the heaviest bicep exercises that you will ultimately be able to do.You’re not going to be able to do more on a concentration curl than you are in a barbell curl.So i want you to focus on those bigger exercises, okay.

Now, how are we going to break them up i want you to start by simplifying again.I know that people will probably tell you to start doing total body workouts because that’s the best way for a hard gainer to build and no.What i’d rather you do is actually conserve your energy towards those movement patterns on particular days.So, break it down into, again, movement patterns.Pushing, pulling, and legs.You do those once a week each one, once a week.Now, what are we looking to do.

You’re looking to groove those movement patterns, first and foremost.Guess what’s going to happen that uncomfortable feeling of going to the gym might get a little bit more uncomfortable temporarily because you might have to back down the weights that you’re using.So on an overhead press start with the bar if that’s all you can handle.What you’re trying to do is learn the movement pattern.Groove that pattern.With a bent over row what good is doing a bent over row if you’re doing it like this.

I see so many skinny guys and young guys that are in the gym trying to do it.It doesn’t even have to be young.It could just be beginners.You might just be starting to work out at 45 years old, but you don’t want to be doing it out of this position because what you’re doing is you’re not only not growing as much as you can because you’re not optimally stimulating the muscles that you’re trying to work, but you’re setting up bad patterns to just carry over into more shit workouts down the road.

So, lighten the bar and learn the technique.Once you’ve got the technique on those exercises then the fun comes in.Now what you start doing is you start adding weight to the bar.When you add weight to the bar you have to ensure that you can still nail the same control of that movement as you did when you were just starting out.If you can, you add more weight.If you can again, you add more weight.This might happen really fast for some guys because you’re going to build up that neurological.

Strength a lot faster.For others it may take a little bit of time, but as you continue to add that weight to the bar and you continue to master the command of the movement, you’re going to see things changing, i guarantee you.When it does, you can start to add a second exercise from each muscle group.Again, try to think big, but think just one step down from where you were.So maybe you add a lat pulldown, or a pullup if you’re training at home for your back.Maybe you.

Add a lunge, a great, single, unilateral exercise for your legs.A more athletic exercise you can add it to your squat, or your deadlift.Maybe you add a push down a weighted push down for your triceps to add to that tricep extension.The idea is, you still want to do the last thing i’m going to tell you here and that’s push every single time.Don’t leave anything on the table.If you’re comfortable with that weight in other words, you’re in command of the weight then make yourself uncomfortable.

It goes back to the tutorial i did a few weeks ago.Make yourself comfortable being uncomfortable.If you have the movement pattern down, you know how to command that weight, then make yourself uncomfortable.If you push yourself to the limit each and every time, skinny guys start finding that they’re not so skinny anymore.There’s a whole other component here of diet and nutrition.We’ve talked about that in other tutorials and i can cover that in a future tutorial if you want me to, but when it comes to training that should be your game plan.

Each and every time and i promise you, you will not be skinny for that much longer, all right push at every opportunity.Don’t let those guys pull you down and make sure you have a game plan in place and hopefully this tutorial has given you just that.Also, i hope it’s given you maybe a little bit of inspiration from a guy that used to be in your position, in your shoes, that faced all the same fears.Now we’re going to conquer all those one by one.All right, guys! if you’ve found this tutorial helpful make sure you leave your comments.

And thumbs up below.If you’re looking for a plan that lays the foundation and does what i just told you and helps you to start getting the confidence as you crush exercise after exercise leave your comments and thumbs up below.If you’re looking for a plan that lays the foundation and does what i just told you and helps you to start getting the confidence as you crush exercise after exercise, building upon one workout at a time, then head to athleanx and get our athleanx training system.In the meantime, i’ll be back here in just a couple days to give you more of what you.

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