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Bar Brothers Six Pack

Goodmorning everyone This time a different tutorial then normal. We record what we going to do today. It’s 11 AM. Just woke up. Going to make breakfast. I will show you what I eat. It’s a good day. We going to do the lazar challenge today. With our group.

Let’s start with my breakfast. Wait need to hold it steady. I will show you what I eat. What do I put in my blender? Banana, Chia seeds, Honey, Oats and maca. And I will add some milk. And I will boil three eggs.

The eggs are boiling. Meanwhile I drink my oats shake. 2:30 PM we will do the challenge. Before that I will eat one extra meal. And I will eat also before working out. We arrived at the park. We going to do the Lazar Challenge. 15 dips, 15 push ups, 10 diamond push ups.

10 rounds. (But first we going to warmup) Yes, first we going to warmup. You are member of bar brothers? You put everything on me. You are the introman. I AM the introman. I have done so many intro’s.

***** No you are the introman. (broken english) Oke start Houssine, Tony. Yes, 15 dips. First round. Abu is still doing abs Hey, abu still doing abs.

Round six. Wtf man. U mad bro? I have finished 8 of the 10 rounds. Houssine is still going. Tony did also 8 rounds. (focking beast) We are done with our training.


This one was really bad! haha Put in the bag, here is your bag. HEY! The water is warm! Hey, you still wear your watch… ***! He was already broke. It’s waterproof lol This one was really bad ! Haha.

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