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Bar Brothers Push Ups

I got something good to show you! Your hear many people say that for the muscle up they want to go as explosive with the pull up as they can And they just keep training explosive pull ups all the time Cause eventually, you’d be able to go over the bar they think. And it’s also partly true but!.

Most of the muscle up is actually a push movement. it’s a push exercise! Like I also told you before. Once you grab* (nice grammar i know;) the bar, once you do like this Then it’s your tricep pushing! (In the transition) If you can’t maintain the pressure in the tricep muscle Then it’s just going to look like this and you will fall down.

Almost like if you were doing a pull up to get over it’s not going to happen. So, what you want to train is your tricep muscles! So you can get over the bar. And the best exercise apart from all the standard push exercises like dips and regular push ups This is another push variation, it’s called tigerbend push ups.

It’s really great. i will show it in a few seconds. Many of my friends and people I have coached and all that I showed them this exercise, and they learned to do the muscle up a few weeks after they started training this exercise I did that too myself. I found the exercise and learned the muscle up around 3 weeks after. It looks like this. So you place your hands like this.

In the regular push up you’ll be like this. but in the tiger bend push up you’ll be like this. With your index finger pointing forwards. Keep a more narrow grip. You can even put them totally together like this. Then you go down like this, and up. And it’s actually a lot harder than it looks. Many people can’t even do it first time they try.

And that’s why it’s important to start with the easy variation of this exercise. Don’t start like this and try to go down. Thats almost impossible. You want to start with your hands here, then it’s easier. Then as you get better, place your hands closer towards your center. I hope this exercise will help you a lot to gain tricep strength.

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