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Spice just hits you like a truck, it just knocks you out. Whereas bud you just sit and chill. You know what? I wish I could go back to my bud. Because you know what, Spice, it’s horrible. I woke up after the Spice, with vomit all over my bed, and myself.

I know a kid who died of it. Couldn’t get his heart beating more. It was beating too fast, it just went and shook out. As the new government began making moves to ban all legal highs, we headed to Manchester, where synthetic drugs like Spice, and other brands like Vertex, Pandora, and Insane Joker,.

Are freely available to buy from news agents and places known as head shops. Although manufacturers state on the packets that they’re not fit for human consumption, legal highs are used recreationally. And they make the press when students overdose on them. Most people thought it was a recreational drug, a party drug, something that you could, perhaps, dip in and out of.

But actually, nobody really knows what they’re made of part and what structure they have and how they impact on the body. Although students with a support network tend to dip in and out of synthetic drugs. We wanted to meet a much more vulnerable group of people who can suffer from the affects of a real dependency on legal highs.

All the clients that are presenting here are using spice. It’s affecting the mental health, it’s affecting the physical health, and it’s a massive, massive problem. Manchester has more rough sleepers then anywhere else outside of London. Cuts to council services have left the city with 20% fewer emergency beds than there were five years ago.

And during that time, legal highs have become a crutch to many of the people who now live on the streets. I use it myself, and I use it because it takes the pain away. It’s legal. What can I do?.

I can sit here now, there could be 20 officers around me with guns and everything. As long as pull a bag of spice out and start rolling it, I can roll it. Nothing that anybody can do. I pull a bag of weed out and they’ll all be on me like a car bonnet. How might people go about trying to get hold of it.

Once you can’t go to a shop and buy it? There’s always gonna be some match level drug. There’s already street dealers out there. Are you worried though that it might start criminalizing people? Yes, yes I’ve seen some bad you have got to look at this drug, it’s bringing heroine addicts, I know a heroine addict that’s a Spice addict now.

PERFECT DAY IN SAN SEBASTIN Basque Country Spain Travel Vlog 99

aqu estn! aqu estn! Oh Oooohhhhh Good morning, guys. It’s 8 am. We are going to spend the perfect day in Donosti, San Sebastian.

And that begins at playa zurriola with a surf session out in Gros. We’re meeting up with our friends from Pukas Surf Shop. Aitor and Dama are going to get us some boards. And then we’re going to hop in the ocean.

And start this day off right. Yeah, there are some waves, man. It’s going to be fun. Vamos Nothing like the smell of a surf shop in the morning. Laughs Got this nice little Pukas 5’8 pintail.

The wave here can be difficult. There’s a lot of current. A little bit more foam is always a good call. We’re suited, booted, and headed to the water. Oh yeah. Thank you for a fun, little session.

Ok chicos. eskerrik asko. thank you Bye Dama. Agur And now it’s time for a little breakfast. The breakfast of choice for us is a tortilla de patata with a cafe con leche. And the best place is our opinion is Cafe Zabaleta.

Bar zabaleta in calle zabaleta. You’re right. That’s what I mean. Let’s go. So guys, you may be confused. tortilla is not like in Mexico. A tortilla here is eggs, onion, and potato. The reason that this tortilla is so delicious is.

That it is simple. But it is done with his secret touch. Nobody really knows how he does it, but it’s delicious. It looks like photoshop. The reason these eggs are so yellow.

Is that they use them straight from the casero and it’s really gooey on the inside. Key points. Breakfast completed. Couple key points about the city: First things first, the name: San Sebastin.

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