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Why I Quit 5 Reasons

Hey guys! I know a lot of you are probably sitting right now thinking what! Did he leave bar brothers and WHY? Many of you are probably confused as well which is why I’m making this tutorial to explain to you guys why I’m changing name on all social media pages in the coming days. There are many different reasons, and this tutorial will cover some of the most important ones. Just remember this is NOT the end for me far from it! This is more like a new beginning :).

Ok let’s go! 1 I often got messages and comments like: quot;You shouldn’t copy the brand bro you should make your ownquot;, and I had to explain it every time. I think that was really confusing to many, which leads a bit up to the next I often got messages from girls asking like: quot;Can we still join even though it’s called bar brothers?quot; and I understand their concern. Bar sisters that just sounds a bit weird as well. I don’t exactly feel like bar brothers describes well enough what i’m doing and what i’m trying to accomplish with my work.

I feel like there’s a lot of hate going on between different groups, like barstarzz and bar brothers, and so on. It might not be visible, and if you ask any of them, I don’t know they might say they have no dispute and maybe they don’t, but I’ve just seen some things and heard some things, that was enough for me to not wanting to be a part of an existing group. For me this is like starting on a fresh. Like you can read in the description: Everyone can join this movement no matter if you’re an existing group already,.

Or you want to be a full dedicated member that’s up to you the goal is to unite all kinds of different street workout groups, instead of everything being so divided. Everything about this new movement will be explained in the later tutorials, so I’m not going to talk much about it in this tutorial. This is not to make it sound like there’s a lot of hate going on in the street workout community not at all! Like i said i’ve just seen some things and heard some things from both sides that make me not want to be a part of it anymore. And reason number 4!.

I feel like my tutorials and my sites have been used a lot for this weird bar brothers commercial spam. I got spammed with it every day, and the spam filter doesn’t catch it, and YouTube aren’t doing much about it, so i need to delete in manually every single day and that takes time. I still haven’t figured out what exactly it’s there for, but it’s leading directly to bar brothers DC’s website so that’s also a thing i’m hoping to get away from. Who the hell are you, and can you stop spamming my tutorials? Thanks ;).

I feel like you are already a huge commercial for bar brothers when you carry their brand, so I didn’t feel like it was fair that my comments section had to be messed up every day. Like, the comment section is for you guys to place your thoughts and discuss. It’s not for annoying spam. And the last one reason number 5! I was trying to build up my own brand: Bar Brothers DK, but suddenly I realized that i’ve been pretty much sponsored the whole time; Spreading the word about Bar Brothers, sharing their tutorials, wearing their clothing.

And so on. And nothing is wrong with that, or anything, but Bar Brothers is just not my future, is probably what I suddenly realized, and what the conclusion to all of this is. It’s not my brand, I’m limiting myself by carrying it, and I need to do something different. If this YouTube channel is something I want to still keep doing 5 years, this is the only way it’s gonna happen. Pretty important thing too I want to point out that Bar Brothers DC and I are cool. We have no dispute going on whatsoever, everything is good between us,.


Goodmorning everyone This time a different tutorial then normal. We record what we going to do today. It’s 11 AM. Just woke up. Going to make breakfast. I will show you what I eat. It’s a good day. We going to do the lazar challenge today. With our group.

Let’s start with my breakfast. Wait need to hold it steady. I will show you what I eat. What do I put in my blender? Banana, Chia seeds, Honey, Oats and maca. And I will add some milk. And I will boil three eggs.

The eggs are boiling. Meanwhile I drink my oats shake. 2:30 PM we will do the challenge. Before that I will eat one extra meal. And I will eat also before working out. We arrived at the park. We going to do the Lazar Challenge. 15 dips, 15 push ups, 10 diamond push ups.

10 rounds. (But first we going to warmup) Yes, first we going to warmup. You are member of bar brothers? You put everything on me. You are the introman. I AM the introman. I have done so many intro’s.

***** No you are the introman. (broken english) Oke start Houssine, Tony. Yes, 15 dips. First round. Abu is still doing abs Hey, abu still doing abs.

Round six. Wtf man. U mad bro? I have finished 8 of the 10 rounds. Houssine is still going. Tony did also 8 rounds. (focking beast) We are done with our training.

We driving in the car to home. It’s almost 5:00 PM. I reached round 10 of the Lazar challenge. 50 seconds rest between exercises And after every round 1 minute and 30 seconds. Dennis came to round: Eight. You did not forget anything, ugly dog.

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