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Bar Brothers Legs

Oke, we arrived in breda! You probably wonder why we are in Breda? We going to train with Mitchel. Who is Mitchel? Mister Bar Brother Mitchel Hello, I am mitchel.

I live in breda. I am also a member of . (lol) (You are such a tame person. lol) Yes,this is just Mitchel. shit.

Albino NOOooo Pillow screams. He did already 30000 sets. Before you think: That guy skips legday.

I am already injured in my butt for 3 months. (broken butthole) (4 months) From December. (No longer) Maybe,, 5 months. It’s called the piriformis muscle.

So i only can do limited leg days. I just wanted to tell you I only do some lunges and split squats, I can not do squats. ( or any explosive movements) But we will make the best out of it! It will be oke my son. ;p Today it is time for legday.

We going to do squats, lunges And squats will be deep squats. Not half reps. Deep squats. And we will add some weight. (never skip legday).

(never skip calf day) (lol) (He is hiding behind the trashcan) Limited legday. But. no excuse crossfit mate.

Butterfly pull ups mate Fawad need to film this church. Yes, these are the gainz. lol Cheatday. (next vlog cheatday) Thieving level 99.

Leg Raises Tutorial

Hello everybody, It’s Paul with you today. And today we’re going to learn leg raises to the bar. This is one of the most basic moves and it works out your whole core: Obliques, serratus anterior a little bit, and your hip flexors.

So it’s the whole front core and a little bit of sides. And we’re going to learn how to do them. I’m hoping you guys can do at least a few situps and leg raises while laying on the floor, because that’s like a prerequisite to starting to build up to these. And now we’ll learn how to do these.

This is how i learned them, and this is how i suggest you begin learning them. First, I want to make sure you guys can learn to pick up your knees up to your chest. You might start off like this, halfway. The majority of you would be able to do this, no problem. Alright, so this is what I’m hoping.

And it’s just practice. Try to go higher and higher everytime. Higher, highest. Here’s a little trick. Majority of the people don’t understand this, and this is why they can’t do leg lifts.

Watch me right now i’m going to try to do a leg lift using only my abs. Alright? That’s as high as I could go. I’m going to try to do a knee lift using only my abs. That’s as high as I could go. What we need to do we need to make a curl in our lower back.

So we kinda arch our lower back. We use our hip flexors and our lats to pick our body up like this a little bit, so we can reach. So this would be abs, right here. Then I use my hip flexors and my lats a little bit, to pick them up all the way. Same thing for leg lifts, when you’re learning them.

that last portion, it’s not really abs. it’s hip flexors and a little bit of lats helping you up. For flexibility, as long as you guys can reach the floor with your fingertips, Like this, you should be totally fine. This was around my flexibility when I learned my leg lifts. I know people who could barelly reach their toes,.

Not even touch the floor, and who could do leg lifts with their legs straight. So flexibility is not a problem, this is all about strength and knowing how to get your hip flexors and your back working with you. So it’s not just your abs. So, as I said, we learn knee lifts to our chest Like that. Shouldn’t be a problem.

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