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Bar Brothers Killer Workout Routine

In this tutorial i’ll be doing a four minute ab workout routine it is a followthrough routine so as I do the exercises you guys can follow the first exercise we’re going to start off with our crunches you’re going to do 25 of thoes.

So next up we’re going to do knee rols im going to show you guys how it’s done so you never want your feet to touch the ground during this exercise and we’re going to do 20 of these so you start off.

Like this wanna roll and crunch here ok ok so after the knee rolls what we’re going to do our in and outs which looks like.

This going to do 15 of those so now what we’re going to do our leg raises we’re going to do 15 of those so listen closely going to do the knee rols extend bring back your knees once you’re here do the crunche.

That’s one we’re going to do six of those so the next exercise we’re going to do is a Russian twist ok thanks for watching guys I hope you.

Powerful Lats Top 3 Exercises for a wide back

What’s up guys! in this tutorial i’ll show you how i work out my lats or wings or whatever you like to call them. The lats are used in various pull movements and in this tutorial I’ll show you my top 3 personal favorite exercises for really getting the lats worked out properly. Before showing of these exercises i want to point out that MIND TO MUSCLE connection is extremely important! Especially when wanting to focus on a muscle like the lats since a lot of.

Different muscle groups are involved when working on the pull movements. like you could be doing thousands of wide pull ups without seeing any results if you don’t do it right let’s go. This is a really great exercise for beginners who can’t do pullups yet. When doing the Australian pull up it’s really important to retract your shoulder blades (scapula). Perform the exercise controlled with mind to muscle. Focus on using your.

Lats and your back as much as you can. instead of your biceps. First you want to retract and depress your scapula just like in the australian pull ups. If you don’t know what it means, it means pulling your shoulder blades down and bringing your chest forward. You want to go all the way down but still keep a slight bend in the elbow.

So you don’t hurt your joints especially if you’re a beginner. Now this one there are many discussions about, but my advice for really activating your lats and your back, is to lean back when doing this exercise. This might be a bit exaggerated but it’s just to illustrate the movement. For me it helps focusing on using your lats and your back. And you don’t want to just go up and down.

Like this. You want to focus mind to muscle! Focus on bringing your elbows to your hips. Not your hands to your shoulders like if you wanted to train your biceps. And it’s not because you can learn not to use your biceps at all, but you’re just focusing more on your lats. All front lever progressions are great depending on your strengths of great.

After doing these i really feel like my whole back and especially my lats has been worked on a lot. My personal favorite is the straddle front lever raises, but you could also do tucked front lever pull ups front lever with one legs out This exercise is also really good.

Tt may look a bit silly but it really activate your lats and it’s an important progression for the front lever as well. Thanks for watching this tutorial! Like comment subscribe if you liked the tutorial! Also I want to point out that merchandise is going online soon at my website here! At the website you can submit your email if you want to get notified when it releases. And thank you so much for all your support. It really.

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