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Bar Brothers How Often

Goodmorning everyone! Great that you are watching this new day in life tutorial! I am Dennis of Bar Brothers Netherlands. We going to. Record what we do today. As you can see it’s a little busy in our house.

We going to move to another house. We will move to Venlo (The Netherlands) A new house. I still live with my parents. So that’s where I am also busy with. Today I will help a little . I will loose the floor a bit.

At the end of the afternoon we will workout. But first I am going to eat. breakfast. But first let’s check my weight. You guys will know my weight at the moment. I often get a question: what is your weight/height.

I am 183cm( 6,0 ft) And my weight is. We will check it now. Did not eat anything yet. 78 kg (172 lbs) I will start with green tea.

Green tea. I drink it without sugar. By the way This cup I got it from someone who was training with us for once. From Poland. Adrian Thank you again.

I still use it lol. I will make my breakfast now. I will eat my breakfast over here. My breakfast: 100 gr Oats with 300ml milk, 3 eggs, 1 banana and some water (green tea). Going to eat now. My cousin will come later this day. I will loose the floor a bit.

I am done with my breakfast. and this is what i do the whole day. I am sitting on this chair. doing nothing xD Done with loose the floor for today. I did the half of this room. My cousin (John) will be here soon.

We will go to the supermarket get some food. The next thing that I eat is this smoothy. Apple, Pear, Spinach, Oats, Chia Seed, Maca. I will blend it with water (you can also use ice) This is what I eat, Smoothy + Greek Yoghurt Oke my cousin is here .

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