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Property Brothers Bar Brawl TMZ Live

Harvey we are going to go to north dakota.Charles north dakota, we’re going to fargo with the brothers or one half of the property brothers, jonathan scott was in fargo and he was hanging out at a bar, getting close to closing time.You know we always say about after midnight in a bar.Harvey nothing good ever happens.Charles nothing good ever happens.That’s what happened to jonathan.At 200, they were trying to people out of the bar, it’s closing time.He ended up in a headlock from.

One of the bouncers.We got these photos of the incident going down and did not take kindly to this.He actually called 911, we found out, and reported this as an assault.The reason he felt it was an assault is because he says he was doing nothing wrong.He says he wandered into an existing fight and maybe he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and the bouncer thought he was involved in the fight.The picture shows i am being grabbed backward.This is entirely against.

Character, if you watch the property brothers shows, mild mannered guys who buy houses.Harvey they’re great guys.Charles they sing country music, too.Harvey the weird thing about this, they are 6’4 , 6’5 , they tower above everybody else, number one.So jonathan is in the bar and jonathan is like oprah winfrey in fargo.I mean, they do not get a lot celebrities there.So he is a huge deal when he walks in.So everybody is kind of eyeing him, so it’s weird to me that a bouncer would just make a.

Mistake with the guy that’s oprah for a night in this bar.It’s weird to me that he was just unprovoked, maybe it happened, but it’s weird.Dennis it’s strange except he was the one who called 911 clr.If he was involved, he is to squelch that.Harvey that’s an old trick.First one to call 911 wins.That’s an old trick.I don’t know if he did that trick, that’s an old trick.Charles the people at the bar at dempseys deny there was any assault.There is a photo of a headlock.

They don’t see it as an whatever happened, they feel it was justified.Harvey salutation charles trying to get people out of the bar.Devil’s advocate.If you’re trying to get people out of the bar and you see what you think is a fight, as a bouncer, you do what you’re trained to do, right harvey i guess.Charles maybe he got it wrong.Maybe it wasn’t a fight and he shouldn’t have gone after jonathan.But maybe the guy was just his job.Caller this is nicki from eureka, and i love these guys.

Guitar Brothers Allstars Hi Fi Bar Brisbane Sun Oct 9 2011

Guitar brothers allstars hi fi bar brisbane sun oct 9 2011,Guitar brothers allstars cold shot craig claxton gtrvoc tim gaze gtrvoc keith megson drums kev howard bass phill yates gtr hi fi bar brisbane sun oct 9. Property brothers bar brawl tmz live,Property brothers star jonathan scott ended up in a bouncers headlock while he was hanging in a fargo bar and now police are investigating.

Acai brothers superfood bar promo 1,The boys from acai brothers superfood bar take you on a journey back to the very beginning of the acai brothers brand ben and sam give you all a little taste of. Renegade creation live at the hi fi bar brisbane 68 blues,9th october 2011 hi fi bar west end brisbane this was the last song on the night a michael landau number 68 blues played along with robben ford jimmy. Visit our sydney brisbane roasterys espresso bars,Visit us for a coffee take a tour and help with the coffee roasting or we can show you how to roast a kg of a great single origin or coffee blend all by your self.

Las vegas police officer uses jiujitsu to control larger suspect gracie breakdown,A police officer without training is an accident waiting to happen here is an excellent example of how proper ground control defensive tactics training gives an.

Deez nuts band of brothers featuring sam carter of architects uk official album track,Deez nuts band of brothers featuring sam carter of architects uk official album track taken from the album bout it century media 2013. Gcba easter mashup with the brisbane barstuds,Loving these special events stay tuned were going to be heading up north for a play in their park after the bondi meet.

The Cuban Brothers Break Dancing With Crowd Participation Cloudland Brisbane 2009

The cuban brothers break dancing with crowd participation cloudland brisbane 2009,The cuban brothers break dancing with crowd participation cloudland brisbane 2009. Some nice cars out in brisbane tonight at santa monica bar opening night,Some nice cars out in brisbane tonight at santa monica bar opening night. Fortitude valley brisbane by asiatravel,Asiatravel offers over 500000 hotels flights travel packages tours attractions up to 75 discount all with last minute availability instant confirmation. Where do you eat your acai brothers,With the success of their first store the boys are back in 2015 with the news of 2 more stores coming soon for the people of brisbane australia and the plans of.

Hip hop horns the jazz blues bar 3 brisbane,More nostalgia. Bruce springsteen you never can tell,Music tutorial by bruce springsteen performing you never can tell c 2013 bruce springsteen. Kwan brothers opens in brisbanes fortitude valley,Via youtube capture.

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