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Bar Brothers Age

The Barr Brothers Love Aint Enough Official Tutorial

™ª Just forget I ever said ♪ That it’s true love ain’t enough Got a diamond in my head And a universal bluff Gotta find a better glue To hold this picture of the sun Gotta find a way to you Before all of this is done.

Once you strip the paint you find it Everywhere you go And you and I should know Love is enough Love is enough at the end of the tracks When the white flag waves and the heart attacks Love is enough when you don’t look back My country is a cross.

And my city is a vice In so perilous a place At such a bloodbegotten price So just forget I ever said That its true love ain’t enough There’s a killer in my bed And enough is not enough Once you strip the paint you find it.

Everywhere you go And you and I should know Everything that we esteem, forever or a day Don’t drive my love away Love is enough Love is enough at the end of the tracks When the car wrecks, heart attacks Love is enough when you don’t look back.


™ª (French accordion music) ♪ (Vince) Today, you’re gonna be eating this. What is this? Is this, like, cocaine? (laughing) What? It looks like sand. That doesn’t smell good. That smells, like, starchy. It just looks like groundup flour, like wheat flour. I think it’s pancake mix, and that you have cooked pancakes over there that you’re about to put on a plate for me.

It reminds me of something, a drink mix or something, so I feel like you’re gonna give me some drink. But it’s gonna be horrible. It’s just a whole bunch of powder. Like, I don’t know what this is. Oh, is it Soylent? Is this that powder you put in a drink that this company invented where it’s like a protein shake or something, but you can live off it.

It gives you all the nutrients you need. This is weird. It’s, like, just a tray of powder. I could be Scarface though. (laughs) Gotta dip my nose in here and just start talking crap to people. I’m just kidding. (Vince) To clarify, you don’t actually eat it. You drink it, so we mixed it with water for you.

Oh, is this Soylent? Is this that soy that thing you can drink, like you can only drink that and you’ll live. This is that? Oh. I’m scared. That’s not so bad. (wincing) It tastes like very diluted milk.

It’s like soggy cereal. This is a little liquidier that I thought it would have been. This tastes like crushed up Cheerios. Like, if someone were to grind MiniWheats into a powder form, and then put it in water, I guess, or soy milk, that’s what it tastes like. It’s good. It tastes like a milkshake without sugar.

It smells like soy milk. Ew, it’s really slimy. It turns from goo into water, kind of. That’s so gross. That tastes like Graham Crackers without the sweetness, cut with really bad bran flakes. It’s like milk, but it’s not like milk. (Vince) You don’t have to drink it all. Oh, I don’t? (Vince laughs) No. Maybe I want to!.

(slurping) I definitely did not want to drink all of that. Why would anyone drink this? It’s not bad. But it’s not good. (Vince) You just drank Soylent. Soy Soylent? What is that? The bleep is Soylent?.

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