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App To Track Gym Workout

Ok. once you sign up for online personal training you’ll receive an email that asks you to set up your account. the link. Set up your password. Then you fill your profile with some basic information. Next, you’ll be asked questions about your goals and your exercise history. And we also ask about your schedule and what equipment you have available.

All of this helps us create your workouts. And that’s it. to save your responses. Next we’ll show you how to use the app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, click on the trainerize icon. The first time you pull it up, you’ll have to sign in. It’ll ask you for a profile photo, or you can skip it. And the first time you sign in, it will take you through some basic functions.

The first thing you’ll see is your calendar (highlighted at the top). As you’ll notice, the only thing you have in your calendar is the weight you just entered. If you slide over to Plans, there is not one, because we have not created one for you yet. Then if you scroll over to summary You’ll see a summary of all your completed workouts, which again, there are none because you just created your account.

So there will be your completed workouts, the number of cardio sessions Your current weight and a spot to add progress photos. So let’s say you want to enter your weight and some body measurements. where it says current weight. ‘Edit.’.

Here’s the weight we just entered, you can change that if you’d like. Below that you can add your body circumference measurements. And there’s a spot for resting heart rate and blood pressure. Save. Now you can scroll down to body mass index. If you click it, it will pull up a graph. Here you can chart your results of your BMI, lean body mass, fat mass, circumference measurements.

Anything you want. and right now, it’s not much of a graph because we only have one data point. OK, so by now you’ve created your account and we’ve had a chance to create your program. If you slide over to ‘Plans, you’ll notice your training plan it says, Building Your Foundation, 4 weeks. Under that are the workouts you’ll find in your plan.

And if you slide over to the calendar, you’ll see that on today (sunday) is your first workout. So go ahead and click on your first workout. It’ll pull it up. At the top will be a workout summary, or instructions. Below that are the exercises. From here you can click check in, just to say that you did the workout, or press track, and track will allow you to enter.

The amount of weight, the repetitions, and any other information on your workout. So here’s where you would enter the number of repetitions. First exercise is the TRX Squat, it says 2 sets of 10. Fill out your workout as you go. OK. You get to Cable Rows, you’ll see a spot for the weight. Let’s say you do 70 pounds.

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