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Android Apps Exercise Tracker

Reto meier: hi, there. My name is Reto Meier, and I’m usually joined on the App by Ian NiLewis. But the preparation for this week’s show required us to do some intense physical exercise in order to properly test.

Personal fitness apps endomondo, runtastic, and RunKeeper. We chose to test these apps hiking. Now, back in Australia, we call hiking walking, but folks in California seem to be more inclined to drive if they’re going anywhere further than the nearest car park.

But in any case, the last time i saw ian was deep in the backwoods of the Big Basin National Park. Anyway, find out what features and technical tips and tricks it takes to make a killer personal fitness app today on The App . So one of the big benefits of living in the Bay Area is that.

There’s really a limitless supply of hiking trails all within a really short drive. Now, being a certified practicing geek, the only thing more fun than hiking through the wilderness is tracking my route while doing so. So all three of today’s apps will let me do that, and a few.

Other things as well. So all three of today’s apps support a standard set of functionality, which is what I’ve put up here. Now, they’re all designed to allow you to track a workout. And in this case, they’re optimized for something running related, basically any exercise which can be measured.

Through a combination of the distance you’ve traveled and the amount of time it’s taken. Now, accordingly, they measure the duration of your workout and the distance traveled and use that to work out things like your pace, average speed, calories burned, water consumed, all those sorts of things.

And they also use the gps information that they track throughout your workout to display your route on a map. And each of the apps shows a slightly different set of details on the map and, in fact, in terms of your workout. And I’ll go through each of those as we look at the apps.

In a little more detail. They each also allow you to select the activity that you’re doing and choose from a selection of different workouts, so that could be running, jogging, rowing, cycling, pushups, whatever you like. And there’s different styles of workouts as well.

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