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Anabolic Steroids Pills For Sale

For thank you let’s move on desperately evidence by officials nationwide Americans when drugs are concerned really choose logic when they can opt for hysteria case in point recent Gopalpur steroids the lie to the media access the public pronouncements and the willing in washington.

One would assume that the scientific evidence establishing the health risks of steroids is overwhelming but it’s not on the country when it comes to steroid use among adult males the evidence reveals virtually no fighter despite all the smoke as I want to 10 reports.

The science of steroids or the absence of suggest some conclusions that few people want to hear more on our top story steroids in Major League Baseball unless you’ve been living on another planet you’ve probably heard the drumbeat getting louder and louder by the day this is an epidemic in America from local news.

To national news they can cause a whole host the problems some people have died from steroid abuse all the way up to capitol hill work congress is held hearing after hearing after hearing on leveling the playing field and saving the children in even the president has spoken out the usual a performanceenhancing drugs like steroids.

In baseball football and other sports is dangerous and it sends the wrong message anabolic steroids it seems have suddenly become public health enemy number one it’s enough to make you wonder why before we really get started here let’s be clear on the couple a main issues yes anabolic steroids can create an unlevel playing field.

And yes they are dangerous for kids but what about healthy adult men what are the longterm affects for them wanna know how many scientific studies definitively link the use of anabolic steroids to death or even serious health risks one 15 20 nope try 0 where the bodies where are the bodies.

44yearold john romano is on the other side of the steroid spectra the side you almost never hear romano was the senior editor of muscular development magazine in a long time user of anabolic steroids synthetic derivatives above the male hormone testosterone how long you taking anabolic steroids on and off since I was 22.

So from more than twenty years 23 years yeah any health problems none heart problems no liver problems no I’m Romano who lives in Fort Lauderdale Florida says he knows hundreds of guys just like him not necessarily pro or even competitive athletes just people using anabolic steroids is part of the workout regimen.

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