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Anabolic Steroids Bodybuilding

9 Most Extreme Bodybuilders

Everyone always has that one person in their life that just always take things to the next level! Watch this tutorial to see which bodybuilders that decided to take things wayyyy too far! Even by the standard of many bodybuilders, Gregg Valentino has been considered a bit excessive. While he trained naturally for years, he eventually began to take steroids, but even that wasn’t enough for him. He decided to inject his arms with propionate and Equipoise, which is what morphed his body.

Into what looked like a cartoonish action figure! Now, okay, injecting your body with oil and and drugs is already dumb enough, but in Valentino’s case, he apparently would reuse the needles he was injecting his arms with. As a result, he got a really bad infection and his biceps, which grew to an ungodly 28 inches, actually exploded. Seriously, his arm filled up with pus and exploded the same way your zits did when you were fifteen. To add insult to injury, Valentino spent time in prison for distributing illegal steroids.

To other people. He messed up his life and body for reasons that only seems clear to himself! At the height of his career Andreas Munzer was among the most prolific bodybuilders in the world, and was known for how shredded he can get. Traveling the globe for competitions, he became well known and well liked among his peers. But unfortunately he had been using a dangerous regimen of steroids, including a potassium reducing drug that basically reduced his body fat to almost zero. On the surface that might actually sound like it’s actually f**cking awesome, but it’s.

Really not good at all for your body because fat is essential for energy and survival in general. Having dangerously low levels of bodyfat can cause kidney, heart and organ failure. Tragically, steroid use is what s believe ultimately killed Munzer on March 14, 1996. At 31 years of age, Munzer passed away, and an autopsy determined he died from multiple organ failure….likely due to his use of these drugs. Born as Aziz Shavershian in Russia, he became known on as Zyzz after he and his family moved to Australia.

Though he was known to have been a skinny kid, he took up bodybuilding as a teenager and quickly became well known through YouTube and other social media avenues. He was also a model, trainer and stripper.so renaissance man probably isn’t the right term, but he still did a lot of stuff. Anyway, Zyzz had built up a massive following online of people who adored him. He had become a brand unto himself, as he started his own protein brand, his own clothing line and a book called Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible. However, many people speculated that he used steroids to achieve his statuesque appearance.

In fact his brother was arrested for possession of anabolic steroids in 2011. Fueling this controversy was Zyzz’s tragic death in 2011. At just 22 years of age, he died from a heart attack while visiting a sauna in Bangkok. Despite how polarizing he was at times, many of his fans made emotional tributes their icon. Dean Wharmby was a bodybuilder and personal trainer who seemed to be popular among his peers.

Unfortunately, he developed some really unhealthy habits. For example, like many people on this list, he used anabolic steroids for years, and would consume more than 10,000 calories a day. However, after s found a large tumor on his liver, he stopped using the drugs and started restricting his calories in an attempt to naturally heal. He also attempted to recover using medicine and spiritual healing. During his treatment, he started a Facebook page called “Dean’s Journeyâ€� where he chronicled his health problems, his attempted recovery and urged others to stay away from.


Steroids are a performance enhancing drug used by athletes and body builders, they use them for more endurance and to look bigger. The people on this list began to abuse them and the consequences were dire. Candice Armstrong This woman from London began using steroids because she wanted to gain bigger muscles because she abused it it caused her to become very masculine. Candice has started to grow excess body hair including facial hair and she also developed acne one more strange side effect of the steroids caused her clitoris to swell which now looks like a mini penis.

Along with this her voice also became slightly deeper. she has no plans on putting a stop to the steroid use. She claims that if she would put an end to it then it would do more harm than good. she also said that she didn’t expect to look how she does now, she said she just wanted bigger arms and broad shoulders. She said that people shout insults at her while she walks down the street. Romario Alves Romario Dos Santos Alves is a brazilian body builder, to make himself look bigger he decided to inject synthol.

This is a risky cocktail of oil, alcohol and sometimes painkillers. The mixture makes the muscles look as if they are inflated but really it is just skin filled with oil. after abusing it his arms swelled up to 25 inches. the synthol began to start solidifying and synthol crystals started to form in his muscles. he said his muscles felt like rocks. s warned him that his arms may have to be amputated but luckily they were able to remove the synthol rocks instead. he claims that injecting synthol becomes very addictive. kids in the local area are scared of him and call him quot;monsterquot; Synthol is commonly used in brazil and many have died from using the.

Method as we will learn about in the following case. Arms Explode There is very little information surrounding this case but once again it is synthol abuse. this brazilian man abused synthol and it had a devastating result. In 2010 he was involved in a motorbike accident which ruptured his bicep. he was rushed into the but due to excess bleeding the s couldn’t save his life. Synthol is not actually sold in brazil so people result to injecting oils , they inject cooking oil and a veterinary oil known as ADE. injecting oil rather than actual steroids is common in brazil and many people die from it.

Andreas Munzer Andreas was an austrian professional body builder known for his ability to reach extremely low body fat levels. he had competed in several competitions such as mr olympia. On march 14th 1996 he died due to his steroid abuse. He took several anabolic steroids and also took human growth hormone and several diuretics. shortly after a competition in 1996 he began to start suffering with stomach pains after months of suffering with them they got so severe that he was admitted into the . s had found out that he was suffering from internal bleeding, they decided to operate to try and stop the bleeding during this they.

Had found that his liver and kidneys were badly damaged from his years of steroid use, they then started to fail. At this point his condition was too severe for a blood transfusion he then died on the morning of march 14th at the age of 31. his death was ruled as multiple organ failure. at the time of his death his body fat level was at 0% it was also found out that he had 20 different drugs in his system. Greg Valentino otherwise known as quot;the man whos arms explodedquot; and quot;the most hated man in body buildingquot; he began to start bodybuilding at the age of 14, he said he believes he suffered from little man syndrome and wanted to get as big.

As he could. as a result he started using steroids and also injected synthol. after years of injecting and reusing needles without properly cleaning them his bicep became infected and an abscess formed. he said his arms where like a giant bag of pus. realising the damage he caused gregg decided to operate on himself, he filmed the entire event. In the tutorial he shows himself sticking a syringe into his bicep and withdrawing huge amounts of blood and puss. after loosing too much blood he decided to go to the , s performed emergency surgery and removed a large portion of his bicep.

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