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Anabolic Steroids Benefits

As long as there have been sports there have been athletes in search of an advantage and of all of the ways to get a leg up these days professionals often turn to performanceenhancing drugs. You hear about them in just about every sport. In the U.S. some of the best baseball players of all time have been accused of using PEDs. American football players are regularly suspended for failing drug tests.

And of course lance armstrong famously, finally came clean about blood doping in 2012 vacating his seven Tour de France victories in the process. And then there’s the whole deer antler spray thing. There’s no shortage of ways athletes tried to enhance their performance. Some of them work.

But at high cost to their health, their wealth and others just don’t work at all. So which are which and how do they work and not work? Give me a few minutes and I’ll give you a few lessons in the science of why cheaters never win.

We refer to them as drugs but most performance enhancers are really just versions of the chemicals that you already have in your body. These are the compounds that your body uses to build and heal itself and keep itself healthy. But by ramping up the levels that these compounds in the hopes of getting more out of your body.

You could end up putting yourself in a world of hurt. hgh or human growth hormone is a good place to start. Even though we all have it a lot of people have no idea what it is. Your body produces HGH from the pituitary gland at the base of your brain. It stimulates growth and cell development and works with another hormone called.

Insulinlike growth factor1 also known as igf1. HGH is converted into IGF1 in the liver and it has several effects throughout the body including increasing bone and muscle growth. The natural production of HGH peaks during teenage years, starts to steadily decreased about the time you hit 30 and declines through the rest of your life. Growth hormone does help regulate.

Metabolism in adults but its main purpose is really to spur growth during childhood. Since 1985 an injectable form of HGH has been produced synthetically and the US Food and Drug Administration approved it to treat children with growth issues, genetic disorders, and kidney problems. For adults HGH might be prescribed for conditions like bone loss or high cholesterol or very rare pituitary.

Tumors. Despite its high cost; a month supply HGH can cost up to five thousand dollars. Human growth hormone has become popular among athletes looking for an edge. A big reason for this is that it is really hard to detect since everyone’s body produces it. Also HGH starts to break down within 30 minutes injection so even the best test can only detect it like through abnormally high.

Are Steroids Really Bad for Your Health Maybe Not says Steven Kotler

I had no interest whatsoever in steroids. i got involved in this because an editor who is a friend of mine called me up and said Jose Canseco just wrote this crazy book where he said steroids are the wonder drug of tomorrow. And I said look man, I am not much of a baseball fan. It kind of bores me and everybody knows steroids are terrible for you. Cansecos out of his mind. Theres no way like youre wasting my time. And he said, you know, it was very, very convincing. He said Ill pay you to do the research. I was like.

Absolutely im in. so i started looking at it and i just started i said okay, im just going to read Im going to go back ten years and read the articles in major journals The New England Journal of Medicine, Science, Nature that kind of thing. Im not even going to go that deep. Very very quickly what I started to discover is every single thing I thought I knew about steroids was wrong. Every crazy disease these drugs had been linked to have nothing to do with it. Ill give you a phenomenal example. Steroids were linked.

To liver cancer, liver problems, right. it had nothing to do with the steroid. it has to do with the coating they put around the steroid so it could pass through the stomach and get into your bloodstream. That was what was causing the problems. That coating has obviously since been replaced. But Nick Evans whos at UCLA is the only person literally in history whose ever done longterm steroid studies, right. Long term abusers. Body builders, double and triple stacking steroids for 10, 20 years at a time.

None of the things weve been told about are real. the only danger he found is since the heart is a muscle there is a certain point if youre taking massive massive doses over long periods of time it can expand it, it can grow, right and grow bigger than the blood vessels and the ventricles and what not which would be a problem. And this doesnt mean, by the way, when teenagers use steroids, right, when youre still producing lots of these substances its an absolute disaster, right. Thats bad news. But in adults everything.

Weve been told tends to be wrong and some of what weve been told costs millions of lives, right. It turns out steroids are phenomenal, phenomenal in fighting back AIDS. Theyre really, really, really good. Nobody wanted to talk about it. When s started treating AIDS patients with it the guy who started doing this was a guy named Walter Jekot. The government jumped in and put him in jail for five years. He scared the hell out of a ton of s and the result of this kind of us trying to keep sports pure and, you know,.

Preserve the competitive advantage has been millions of people died as a result. so not only is everything youve been told about steroids wrong, but there were a lot of consequences. The people who have been at the forefront of this and kind of pushing it forward is the life extension community, right. Our hormones decline as we age so the idea here is we can replace them. And theyve been working on this stuff for 10, 15 years at this point with some success. It is now one of five or six different ways people are attacking aging,.

Right, and fighting back death. but one thing seems to be sure. since googles in the antideath game, right, Peter Diamandis, my partner, in Bold and Abundance has human longevity incorporated there in the life extension game. There are big companies, massive amounts of resources getting involved and steroids are a piece of this puzzle. And I think were going to have to as a country rethink our position on these drugs and antiaging stuff is going to force us to do it.

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