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Anabol Tablets Results

Hello everybody, my name is adam i want to talk to you today about muscle fuel anabolicby usn. muscle fuel anabolic is an all in one. why would you use an all in one? an all in one product contains, as the name suggests, contains most if not all of the ingredients you need to help you recover, to help your energy levels, to help you get stronger and to help you recover better from the gym. Muscle Fuel Anabolic is a premium all in one which contains a hyperbolic stack which contains a lot of ingredients such as creatine, glutamine,.

Glycine. it also contains a testosterone booster. there is a six stage protein matrix in it so you are getting six different types of protein so it means you are getting six different types of amino acid into the blood over a sustained period of time. In addition to that is a four stage carbohydrate mix which is fast absorbing carbohydrates to replenish glycogen after a workout and then it has slow releasing carbohydrates to help fuel the recovery process and keep your energy levels up. It also keeps blood sugar levels stable. When.

Would you use it? ideally you want two servings a day. on non training days you would use it between meals similar to the way you would use a weight gainer. On training days one serving between meals and one serving straight after training. How do you use it? It would be three scoops into 500 ml water ideally water or milk (milk improves the texture of the product). If you mix it with water you will get 78 grams of carbs, 50 grams of protein, 7 grams of creatine, 5 grams of glycine. It is a great tasting product which comes in.

Three flavours and two sizes. if you want to stack it a few other usn products it nicely stacks with 19 Analbol Testo, which increases testosterone levels, Anabol Nitro which if taken before a workout helps get you in the zone so to speak. You could use your omega 359. You could also use your shaker and to improve your protein intake for the day you can use your RTD. Thanks for watching. Thanks for tuning in to Protein Depot. That was Muscle .

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