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Amino Acid Supplements Vitacost

Hello guys, what’s up? Here is an order from Vitacost. It took 15 days to arrive, shipped by DHL, through Rio de Janeiro and it wasn’t taxed. Here there are two products: a casein 2 Lbs and a BCAA powder. All of them by Optimum Nutrition. As you can see here, it wasn’t taxed, no fees, nothing. Let’s open it now.

Here’s the invoice. A few more ads. Here is the casein 2 Lbs, strawberry cream flavor. And. A BCAA powder by Optimum Nutrition This order here was really cheap, I used the US$ 10 discount coupon and these two products were also in the promotion of 20%.

So i took advantage and made this order. And I will leave the link below to you also earn US$ 10 discount. Just click the link and sign up that you will receive the discount coupon code on the screen. Everything will be well explained in the tutorial description down here and you just click the link and read the explanation that there’s no mistake. And Vitacost is a trustworthy store, always sends orders on time. 15 days is a short time for an internatinal shipping, in my opinion.

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