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Amino Acid Supplements Risks

Hey, guys, sean nalewanyj, of eliteimpactlabs . and today, i want to do a quick review on Multispectrum Amino Acids Supplements. So, if you’re trying to build muscle, burn fat or gain strength, protein is obviously going to be the most important nutrient in your overall diet. It’s responsible for building and repairing damaged muscle tissue. And it’s the only nutrient that can directly improve your body composition on its own. Now, protein is made up of individual building blocks called Amino acids. There are typically around.

20 recognized amino acids found in the human body, eight of which are considered to be essential, because they can’t be manufactured, and have to be consumed through your diet. And because of the central role that amino acids play in the muscle building process, many supplement companies offer formulas that contain a wide spectrum of these amino acids in liquid or pill form. But are amino acid supplements worth your money? The reality is that your body is very efficient at the process of digestion and absorption. And all.

Of the regular proteins that you are consuming throughout the day are going to be eventually broken down into these individual amino acid building blocks anyway. Amino acid supplements simply provide these building blocks in predigested free form, so that they can be utilized by your body at a faster rate. However, having those amino acids utilized at a faster rate, doesn’t really provide you with any unique advantage over consuming regular whole food proteins. If you’re consuming a standard bodybuilding diet that includes about 1gram of protein.

Per pound of body weight each daily, you’re always going to have a steady stream of amino acids available when your body needs it. So, there’s nothinginherently wrongwith amino acid supplements from the standpoint of basic effectiveness, it’s just that you’re going to end up paying a much higher cost on a gram for gram basis for a product that is essentially protein compressed into tablet or liquid form. A much more effective and economical route is to simply supplement with a high quality whey protein powder. Whey protein will be.

Less expensive per serving. and it’s going to provide your body with a protein source that is already rich in the most anabolic amino acids available, particularly LLeucine, LValine and LIsoleucine. Now, what about singular, isolated amino acids? Well, I don’t recommend bothering withthe multispectrumformulas for the reasons that I’ve outlined in this tutorial. There are few singular amino acids thatare worth supplementing with individually in higher amounts that you aren’t going to get from diet, and that you’re not going to.

Get from the multispectrum formulas. so, the main ones that i recommend would be first off, Beta Alanine. Beta Alanine,raises intramuscular levels of carnosine which improves muscular strength and endurance. And a highly reliable dosage for that is 3.2grams taken daily. The second would be Acetyl LCarnitine, whichhas been shown to have positive effects on fat loss and cognitive function for improved focus during your workouts. And I recommend about 2grams taken 30 to 45 minutes preworkout. The third would be LCarnitine LTartrate,.

Which improves muscle recovery and increases androgen receptor sensitivity. and the study dose for LCLT is 2grams daily. And finally, LTyrosine, 1gram to 3grams taken preworkout has been shown to improve mental focus, performance and fat loss when combined it with caffeine. And all four those singular amino acids will be included in their study dosages in our brand new Muscle Amp preworkout formula, which is going to be launching sometime in midMarch. And you can get yourself on the prelaunch VIP list for that using the link.

In the description box below to ensure that you get your own supply when our first 500 bottles are released. And if you’re watching this tutorial after March 2012, then I’ll just include a link straight to the Muscle Amp page below. So, thank you for watching this tutorial lesson. I hope you found the information here useful today. If you did enjoy the tutorial, as always please make sure hit the like button, leave a comment and subscribe to stay uptodate on future tutorials. Also make sure to grab your free 28day mass building plan, using the.

The Benefits of Amino Acids

The benefits of amino acids todd: hi, my name’s todd from sporty’s. just here today with Dale from Optimum Nutrition. There’s a lot of talk these days about amino acids and the benefits of amino acids, and also protein powder. I think in the market people generally understand what protein powder is and what the benefits of it are, but how do they differentiate from amino acids, firstly? Dale: Okay, I suppose to give you a quick overview, there’s twenty two different amino acids. Some of those are essential, some of.

Those are conditionally essential, and some your body can produce itself. With essential amino acids, your body cannot manufacture them on its own right. You need to source that from an external, more from nutrition or from supplementation. Now they’re absolutely vital for life, so without those we die, it’s that simple. A lot of vegetarian foods lack one or two or three of these essential amino acids, so they need to food combine very well to get the right ratio. When you start talking conditionally essential.

Amino acids, a small group of seven amino acids that your body can manufacture, but they’re often in short supply due to immune system and other bodily functions, and exercise and things like that, they can be deplenished. They do multiple, multiple roles. So depending on what a person’s trying to achieve, amino acids are used in vastly different areas. Todd: Okay, so for example Optimum Nutrition makes the BCAA powder. They also have an LGlutamine, pure a hundred percent LGlutamine, and you’ve got the Amino Energy as well. They’re three.

Different amino acid combinations. how would you, if say for example if you wanted to buy some amino acids, how would you decide which of those three to go for? Dale: Ya, it’s a good question. It’s probably something that does need a user to put a bit of thought. The way I do it is in terms of results perspective. So how serious you are about achieving the results that you’re after. However keeping in mind budget. Everyone’s got a budget they need to stick to, that sort of thing. So I’d probably put it in an order.

Of priority. so, first of all your branchedchain amino acids, and there are three of those essential amino acids. So they’re vital for muscle recovery and repairing that soreness that you get after strenuous exercise. To me they’re probably the most important amino acids you can put in, followed by your LGlutamine. LGlutamine is used for so many health benefits. Gut function, immune system, so many different properties there before we start getting into what happens when we exercise and your glutamine gets deplenished.

Through exercise. so lglutamine is very very important and it’s one of these conditionally essential amino acids. In regards to the Amino Energy, it’s a great broadspectrum. There are your eight essential amino acids plus some conditionally essential amino acids. A few other things as well. That one is probably something that you would have in addition or in your water bottle, it’s not necessarily a specific sports supplement, although it can be taken preenduring training.

The amino energy i probably would just take, that would be something you would be sipping in your water bottle throughout the day or just taking it pre and post. If you were to put a priority on it, branchedchains first and glutamine second. Todd: And could you use those in conjunction with a protein powder? Dale: Most definitely, most definitely. A protein powder I basically put, that’s the first thing I put somebody on. Somebody come along and I always ask: how many times a day.

Are you eating? virtually with every single person you know that they’re undereating the amount of protein that their body requires. So I’ll ask them: can you actually fit more food in from solid meals? And quite often, because of work, life, family, circumstance, they can’t. So that’s when we put a liquid meal in. If you then want to take that one step further, you’re a bit more serious about your training, you do crossfit and you’re exercising so so often at such a high intensity, you’re going.

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