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Amino Acid Supplements Lifting

20 Minute Full Body Home Workout With One Dumbbell Muscle Mass Gaining Routine No Gym Required

Pozdrav svima, u ovom videu cu vam pokazati kucni trening za celo telo od 20 minuta sa jednom bucicom nekoliko stvari koje biste trebali da znate pre nego da pocnemo ako stvarno zelite da zavrsite ovaj trening u roku od 1520 minuta, moracete da radite superserije kod suprotnih misica ledja i grudi, ramena i noge, biceps i triceps takodje bi bilo odlicno ako imate teg koji ce vam omoguciti da ostanete izmedju 612 ponavljanja a da u isto vreme idete do izdanka zbog toga sto je broj ponavljanja koji sam pomenuo najoptimalniji za rast misica.

10 vegetarian or shakahari foods protein for bodybuilding Hindi India Fitness Rockers

Hello friends welcome to fitnessrockers whenever we talk about bodybuilding diet we normally listen to a myth that only nonvegetarians can build good muscles but its not right there are many famous bodybuilders who are actually vegetarians in this tutorial we will cover 10 vegetarian foods for bodybuilding which will break this myth we will start with indian herbs which are very beneficial for bodybuilding and lean mass gain.And you will be surprised to know that these herbs are very popular in bodybuilding world already first one is ashwagandha it is also known as indian gingseng, a powerful herb.

Ashwagandha is very effective in boosting testosterone naturally which in turn increase the strength make muscle building a very easy task it strengthens the heart muscle, controls cholesterol improves cardiovascular health its a very good anti depressant herb.Second super food for bodybuilding is asparagus worldwide bodybuilders uses it before the competetion to give their body a ripped look due to incomplete amino acid chain it is treated as incomplete source of protein but its become complete if eaten with brown rice it is an easiest, cheapest and effective way to load protein healthy carbs after a heavy workout.

Triceps Mass Builder NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED

What’s up, guys jeff cavaliere, athleanx.I’m down here on the floor today to prove to you that you can build some serious size on your triceps with bodyweight training if you understand how to use your own body and space.You see, there’s a bit misconception out there that says that you can’t really build muscle in bodyweight training.Yeah, with the wrong bodyweight training that might be true, but if you know how to utilize your body you can absolutely build some serious size.Especially when it comes to triceps.You have to understand one key point.That is, your.

Body knows only one thing overload and tension.We need to make sure that you can maximize your overload when you’re doing bodyweight exercises.It’s the biggest flaw when it comes to building muscle.People just go through the motions instead of actually understanding the motions that they should be putting their body through.So here’s a common misconception, or mistake that’s made when people try to add some size with bodyweight training.We get in here to a diamond pushup we put our hands here, together, you come down, and we come up and.

Start doing diamond pushups.Now, the problem here is, for a lot of people they can do a lot of reps of this exercise.So i might be able to do 30, 40, 50, 60 whatever it is that you can do.You’re not really creating a stimulus for overload there, right one of the things here that’s different is, when you come down, look at the position of the arm here.You come down and i come up.Even though my hands are staying fixed in place here i’m getting an adduction at the shoulder across my body a horizontal adduction which.

Is going to bring a lot of my chest into this.So that’s why it’s a lot easier to do that exercise.We can do it differently.We can get into what we call a modified tiger pushup.You put your hands down and your forearms flat onto the ground.From here, if you start off her as a beginner again, the goal is to try to find exercises that make you uncomfortable.Think about that.Try to make exercises uncomfortable.That’s how you grow.You don’t want to love the exercises you’re doing.So you put yourself.

Here in this position and all you have to do is just push straight up, and up, and over, okay so, let it come straight down, push up, and then get yourself up and over.Now, this is an easier version of a more complicated exercise in the diamond pushup.You want to make it harder just drop your legs back, drop your ass down, come straight down here again, and push up.The key difference between this exercise and the one we just did is that you don’t really have any active horizontal adduction in the shoulder.

That stays right there in place and now you’re getting elbow extension here for your triceps.So we’re into this form right here.Now, you want to make this harder you come up here into an incline position.So you get up, all the way up top here, put your hands down, and then push up and down.Okay so you’re in this pike position and you can see these are becoming a lot more difficult for me.Finally, we put all of our body against gravity and we get this way.Straight out here, elbows.

In, and push up, and down, and push up, and down, and push up.Now, that feel, to me, is no different than a heavy tricep extension here with a bar that allowed me to do three reps, like it just did there.Your body doesn’t know the damned difference whether you have a barbell in your hand, or whether gravity is providing that force.Remember guys, gravity is hella strong and able to hold a lot of heavy shit down without it floating away into outer space.I think it can provide enough resistance for you and.

Your workouts if you know how to utilize your body against it.Bodyweight training can be effective, guys.It can definitely help you build muscle, you’ve just got to find that variation that challenges you and that you don’t necessarily like because that’s the exercise that’s going to make you grow bigger.If you’re looking for a program completely bodyweight only nothing but your own weight against gravity, you against you head over to athleanx and get our athlean0 program.It’s a six week program designed to help you do nothing but build more muscle.

How to Train with Light Weights to Gain Muscle Mass Prozis TV

Hey, guys, welcome back to our workout show.I’m rob riches, you’re watching prozistv.And on today’s show, i’m going to address a question that popped out from one of the last week’s tutorials, and that was hey, rob, i see you at all of these different gyms, in and around la, with all of their different equipment and the heavy weights.I typically work out at home or in a small gym, and the heaviest weights i have are 20 lbs.Dumbbells.How can i get a good arm work.

And make it effective with just this weight that’s a great question, and to be fair, yes, we do visit some of the best gyms in america.In fact, in the world.So i’m using a lot of different equipment and today we’re going to break it down and show you two fantastic bicep exercises, and make it effective with even a light weight.So, just check out these two exercises and pay close attention to my form, my technique, and the different methods i use that can be used for any body part, using a lighter weight.

A few points about this exercise.First thing is, i’ve got the bench set at an incline.This means that i’m leaning back, there’s more tension on the bicep, so i don’t need as heavy weight, there’s more tension increasing the intensity of this exercise.So even with 20 lbs.Dumbbells, you can see, i’m starting off with my palms outwards, so i have this 180 rotation.As i curl up, squeezing, so a slower tempo, about 3 seconds up.Be one, two, three.I’m going to hold that squeeze for about 2 seconds.

One, two.Slowly control back down, and rotate my palms back out.Adding this dynamic into the exercise, again, increases the intensity, the work done by the bicep and also my forearm muscles.So, 10 or 12 reps on here, even with 20 lbs., makes it a challenging exercise.Let’s checkout another variation that we can make biceps really work hard with just 20 lbs.Dumbbells.Believe it or not, that is another very effective exercise for the biceps.You can see i’ve lowered the incline of the bench.About a 45 angle.

Secondly, i’m leaning my entire body onto the bench.My chest, just on the top here, and my arms, now, are hanging freely.It’s the biceps needing to do all of that work to curl up without me leaning back or cheating.A big difference from when we’re stood up, curling, and let’s face it, we all tend to lean back, bounce the knees a little bit and get that weight up.So, the strictness of this exercise is that much more.20 lbs.Curling up, squeezing, same tempo, 3 seconds up.

Up to 2 seconds pause.Control it all the way back down.Much more work has to be done by the bicep.So, a great exercise if you’re limited by the total amount of weight you can lift or the number of exercises and pieces of equipment.We can get a great workout with just a bench and 20 lbs.Dumbbells.Keep watching for more of our athome workout tips, here on prozis tv.And don’t forget to check out all of our other nutrition and workout tutorials, here on prozis youtube channel.

7 Most Explosive Home Exercises BODYWEIGHT

What’s up, guys jeff cavaliere, athleanx.If you’re a serious lifter, no doubt by now you’ve figured out that bodyweight training deserves to play a part in your overall training picture.However, what a lot of people don’t realize athlete or not one of the most important aspects that you could apply to your bodyweight training is explosiveness.Today i wanted to show you seven of the best explosive bodyweight exercises that you could do anywhere that you need to start incorporating and guess what even if you’re a beginning i’m showing you a way to work your way up so each one of these.

Exercises is going to have a little bit of an easier version not easy a little bit easier than the one i show you so you can have somewhere to start and work yourself toward.Now, one disclaimer we all know those bodyweight exercises are pretty damn impressive looking, but the number of people that can actually do them are very little.Like a superman pushup, or a clapping pullup.If you can’t do these there’s no use of trying to do them.You’re going to wind up either.

Hurting yourself, or maybe squeezing out one rep, or two reps and that’s not enough to cause a change.I want to give you guys practical exercise that you’re going to be able to use starting now.So, let’s get this list rolling.The first exercise up is a power plank up.It’s great for building upper body explosiveness and tying it in with your core.Remember, bodyweight exercise are almost always going to rely on the strength of your core.This is no different.You have to get yourself from an on toes position, on your elbows and explode up in one move.

To try to land up on your hands.Again, you need the stability of your shoulder so it’s a great workout for building that, but you also need the strength of your upper body, your triceps, your chest, and of course the core strength and stability to get up here.If you can’t do this just yet, don’t worry.Come down onto your knees and start building up the ability to explode from there.As you get stronger you’ll be able to get up on your toes and keep the progression going.

Now don’t be confused by this second exercise linking back to that clapping pullup.There’s a big difference here.This is an underhand, this is a chinup position and we’re just doing a plyoversion.The real value of doing a plyochinup is that you want to be able to release the bar by building your pull through strength.You see, people think about just pulling to the bar, but in order to build true, upper body explosiveness you have to be able to have the ability to pull through the bar.

This is what a plyochinup does.By having us in this underhand position we get a little extra help from our biceps and we get that really good eccentric when we grip the bar to kind of slow ourselves down.If you can’t do this extreme version of this there is a step down version that involves just one arm.Now, you’re probably thinking one arm is going to make it harder.No.One arm stays on the bar, that’s controlling you, then you let go with the other arm and.

Now you’re basically doing the eccentric on that one side with the assistance of the arm that’s still in contact with the ground.Try it.You’ll see the difference.It’s a little bit easier and you’re obviously going to want to work on each side individually until you build up the strength to be able to release the bar entirely.Next we hit the lower body.This one with the glut, hamstring, single leg plyobridge.I love this exercise.It gives us the chance to, again, explode through where we normally would.A normal bridge would.

Take you to a line parallel to the rest of your torso.Here we want to have our hips actually thrust through, get a little bit of clearance and then again, hit the ground, eccentrically control that with our glutes and our hamstring.If you can’t do this single leg version you’ll still work single leg, but what you do is straighten your leg out a little bit and just go for a little bit of clearance.I don’t care if you just get 1 off the ground.What you might find though is this one’s going to target a little bit more of your hamstring.

And a little bit less glut.You’re going to want to get to the point where you can let that glut take over because you can avoid a lot of hamstring injuries if you allow the glutes to be dominant when it comes to gluthamstring tieins.Let the glutes do most of the work and we’ll start minimizing those hamstring pulls.Now let’s hit the core with our pendulum plank.Get down on the ground, get in a basic plank position on your elbows, and now we try to swing our feet in a big, pendulum motion.Far out to the left, hop up off the ground.

And land on the right side, and go back and forth.Try to get as much clearance as you can without piking so much at the hips.You want to make sure that you’re keeping your torso as steady as you can for that stability of your core.If you can’t master this just yet then do the swiper version of it where you kind of use one leg at a time, bringing them back to the central midline.You sweep left, come back to the midline, and sweep right.Again, now you have a three point plank position so you’re not just all on your forearms with.

Nothing to support you from behind.You’ve always got that one leg in contact with the ground so it alleviates a little bit of the stress on the core, but it still makes it a great exercise for you to become more explosively strong in your core.Next up, number five is one of the best ways we can learn to build upper body explosiveness and be able to learn how to get off the ground as fast as possible.Now, i train a lot of major league baseball players and in fielders whose job it is to get off the ground to make.

A play.Mma fighters same thing.You’d better not make a living laying on the ground or you’re not going to be very good.Even the average guy is going to need to maintain that ability to get off the ground as fast as possible for the rest of their life or they’re going to be using a life alert if they don’t.So if you want to learn how to do this, the hannibal pushup is a great way to do this.Now, not like the superman version i showed you before.That’s a little bit showy.This.

Is actually quite functional.You want to be able to learn how to integrate your upper body and lower body together to be moving toward getting you up as fast as possible.You can do that with this version.Try to touch your hands in toward your toes, bring everything together so if you had to you could pop up from there.Now if you can’t do that, or coordinate at this point, leave your hands on the ground.You’re still going to get a lot of upper body work and the act of pulling your feet off.

The ground is the explosiveness that we’re looking for to start building that strength to allow us to make that transition to where we could get everything off the ground.Now let’s build on that concept for number six here with our rolling squat burpee.Now we’re on our back instead of on our stomach and we still want to be able to get up explosively.So we do a rolling squat, get right up onto your feet and from here we keep the difficulty going by going down into a burpee and then jumping back up onto our feet and then back.

Into the rollup.So it’s sort of a continuous progression of can you go from your back, down to your stomach, back to your back, down to your stomach, and become explosive and command that moment you need to be able to command everything you do with your bodyweight.That’s the whole point, but making it explosive is the part that guys forget to do.We always train at a slow pace.If you think about how we train, we train very slow and very controlled.That’s good in certain applications, but in other ways we need to be able to train.

Ourselves to be explosive.Especially when it’s with our own body.If you can’t do this entire combo, just break it in half.Do just the squat burpee part.Get down on the ground on a burpee, jump up to the squat.Down, back up to a squat.Down to the ground, back up to a squat.You can master that, you can do that you’ve just got to learn to get quick with your feet to get them back up underneath you to put you in position to be able to stand up.

Okay, last up, let’s hit our lower body one more time with our depth tuck jumps.We’re going to do them in 180 style here.What is the 180 style it requires and demands that you have a little more control of your body and space.Secondly, it requires you to have enough explosiveness to be able to get off the ground to be able to execute the jump.So, you’re just trying to do a death jump here which you just step off the box.What the step off does is it allows you to naturally hit the ground, cause a natural recoil and.

Stretching of the quads that you then have to change around the direction and get right back up as fast as possible.It’s called the amortization phase where you make that transition between a centrically lowering and explosively popping up.It’s a crucial skill if you want to build your explosiveness.You try to shorten the time that happens.But, if you can’t do the 180 turns here yet that’s fine.All you have to do is work on building up to that.So let’s work on death tuck jump by themselves.Just learn to step.

Off with the right foot, land, and quickly allow yourself to go down into that amortization phase and then pop up, and then again, work on both sides.Here you’re going to lead with your right leg five to ten times and then work on leading with your left leg.You might notice a difference.You might try to equalize that.So there you have it.There’s seven of the best way for you to start building not only bodyweight strength, but command of your bodyweight strength and explosiveness into your bodyweight.

Routines.Remember, we won’t probably realize the benefits of training with our bodyweight and incorporating into our regular strength training, but not many of us have mastered the value of how important it is to be including an explosive bodyweight exercise into what we do.Guys, we have an entire program called athlean0 that literally requires no equipment.Literally nothing at all in order for you to get the most out of your body and using your bodyweight to build muscle because you absolutely can if you start pushing yourself past your comfort.

Zone.Don’t think bodyweight means just doing as many pushups as you can, or situps as you can.That’s not what it means.You could use your own bodyweight in a really challenging way and you can start building muscle without any equipment and any environment.You can find the athlean0 program over at athleanx.In the meantime, if you’ve found this tutorial helpful make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below.Let me know what else you want to see on my channel here and i will do my best to bring it to you.

How to Build Muscle THE ULTIMATE VIDEO

What’s up, guys jeff cavaliere, athleanx.Com.If you’ve been looking to build muscle, you’ve likely been given the advice that if you want to do it the best is to keep looking for ways to add weight to that bar.’lift as heavy as you can on as many exercises as possible.’ i will tell you this, though.That is not the only way.Matter of fact, that way is extremely limited because it’s only one training variable.That is one finite, limited technique because for anybody that’s been in the gym for any length of time can tell you, you’re going.

To hit some walls.You’re going to have to start looking and digging deeper.In this tutorial, i’m going to show you how you can do a whole lot more than just add weight to the bar and ensure that you still build muscle.So, to start you have to realize that your muscles are not sitting there doing math, counting the weights that you’re using, alright, it being impressed as you add more and more plates to the bar.All they’re doing is 2 things.They’re interpreting tension and overload, tension and the load that you’re using.

If you can manipulate the tension, or if you can manipulate the overall load on your muscles, you’ve got a chance to build muscle.And we can do that right off the bat here with a technique that i call 1 and 12 reps.With the 1 and 12 rep technique, you can see i’m going to take one single barbell curl, or a curl, for the entire duration of this tutorial to show you just how many ways you can manipulate to add muscle and do so with a lot of different techniques.

The 1 and 12 reps, you can see that i am actually taking this single rep and elongating it, dragging it out, increasing the length of time under tension.We come up.We come down halfway.We go back up again.We’re hitting peak contraction twice in the same rep, ok.So, we’re actually increasing the overall load on our muscles without just one way that we do it.You can see here.I’ve showed this exercise before.This is a plyo curl.Now the plyo curl we’re doing explosive and accelerative reps.

And these are all things that appear in our athlean ax2 program which is a bit more advanced if you guys have gone through the ax1 program.Ax2 is that next step that builds off of the foundation you build in ax1.But these are the kind of things that allow you to explosively perform reps so that you can tap into muscle fibers that you may not be hitting under a steady duration, or a steady tempo more specifically, that you use on most of your other weight training.But it’s not just how you do the reps, it’s what you do between reps.And i’ve got a technique.

That we use, and we broke out in our nxt program which again, is even another step beyond ax2, our monthly training program where you can see the intensity technique.And in the intensity technique, we’re basically taking a restpause technique where you’re doing it, as i demonstrate here, you’re doing your 10 to 12 rep backs to failure, ok, and then you’re only resting for as long as 10 to 15 seconds for a restpause.As soon as you hit a maximum of 15 seconds, you have to get it right back on the bar again.

Lift as many more as you can, and you do this for 5 minutes straight.So what we do is, we maximize those higheffort reps, the ones that truly matter, the ones that occur towards failure.We’re maximizing those and we’re kind of getting rid of all those submaximal buildup reps to get to the ones that really count.But we don’t have to stop there.Of course we can change one of the training variables to the equipment that we’re using, doesn’t have to be a straight barbell.We can use dumbbells.We can use bands.We can use cables.There’s a lot of things we.

Can do to, again, change the overall effect of the exercise.And right away, if you grab a pair of dumbbells, you can see that you can either move them together in a curl that we do at the same time, or we can move them unilaterally.And if you do that, we’ve all done these before, you know it’s a little bit easier to do them unilaterally, the right arm and then the left arm in alternating fashion, than it would be to do them together, but does that mean that you should stay away from.

The one that’s easier no, sometimes we can overload the weight more so that does give us an opportunity to focus on increasing the weight that we might not have the opportunity to do if we did it together.Or, we could even take them and put them straight together as we do in ax2 for our straight bar dumbbell curl.We’re basically reenacting a straight bar with the use of 2 dumbbells that we have to squeeze together, again, more tension to be able to execute the lift.So there’s a lot of ways that we can manipulate those.Or, we could utilize the technique,.

Again, another one that comes in the ax2 program, we have a whole phase dedicated to it with backward rep training.See, in a traditional alternating dumbbell curl, we basically have one arm that’s being held down at rest at our side while the other arm is coming up and executing the rep.But what if we could do that when we flip it around, and we look at the one arm up at our side in peak tension and the other arm up at our side in peak tension.We drop one down and execute the curl.We drop the other one down and execute the curl.

You can see that there is no rest period anymore.So by just changing how you perform a rep, the same exercise but how you perform it, the sequencing of the reps themselves, you can dramatically increase time under tension, increase load, effecting both, that tension and load that we talked about in the beginning, to really truly have a bigger impact on your overall ability to build muscle.And if you do decide to switch the equipment once again, choose something like a cable, even here you have more opportunities to change the overall effect that the exercise will.

Have, and the end result on your muscle growth.And that you can see here as i do a single arm cable curl.Upon executing that same flexion of the elbow down here at my side, it will have a profoundly different impact if i elevate my arm, bring it up over my head, and do the same thing.Why because now we’re involving another joint involved in the biceps’ true and full function, and that is shoulder flexion.So, we can actually get a stronger contraction, and ultimately better gains, just by performing.

The same exact joint movement at the elbow, but elevating it so that we involve other joints that like to participate in the movement too.But you don’t have to stop there because you can even extend that to other joints entirely aren’t involved in bicep flexion but do have a secondary impact on the exercise itself.We have a fielder curl that we do in the ax1 program that really is the ultimate in athleticism.Yes, it’s a bicepbuilding exercise because we are executing a bicep curl, elbow flexion under load, but we’ve got a much more athletic component built into it.

As well by adding movement of the lower body.So, more joints involved, more athleticism, and if you are building towards that as an athlete, that you’re trying to get a carryover of something that’s functional to what you might be doing as a third baseman, say, to be able to field the ball and then throw, you would execute the same curl but now have an overlapping athletic movement incorporated into it.And again have yet another level of development, maybe not as much focused on bicep growth and muscle mass but really creating a more functional unit as a whole.

But you don’t even have to stop there, guys.You can take multiple pieces of equipment and use them at the same time.And we’ve done this, again, in ax2 where i’ve shown you guys in previous tutorials here too, overlapping strength curves because of the different strength curves that individual pieces of equipment provide.Again, you look at a band bicep curl you realize that at the very bottom of the rep, there’s really no tension on that band.And the tension will steadily, steadily rise until it gets peak tension at the very end of the rep.But if we use dumbbells,.

We know that as we curl the weight up that the hard part, the hardest part of the motion is going to be right here at 90 degrees and that is because our forearms are fully maximized.The surface area is fully maximized to gravity.And if you go any further beyond that, it actually gets easier.Well, if we take the 2 exercises together, as i’m showing you here, you can see that by holding bands and dumbbells at the same time, we get a strength curve that doesn’t top out in the middle or top out at the end only.

What it does is, it reaches a peak in the middle and it maintains it because of the additional bands at the end.So now we again, we’ve now maximized tension.It doesn’t have to be time under tension, it’s just maximizing the overall tension that the muscle is experiencing that would have been limited if you had only chosen 1 of those 2 exercises alone.But regardless of what exercise you choose, you’re still not limited to just those training variables.You can also manipulate what you do between sets.

So that when you do complete a single set, how long are you waiting in between sets see, one of our favorite techniques is the density training technique.And we have another phase again devoted in athlean ax2 to this, and that is if you and i do the same amount of work, all things being equal, same amount of weight lifted, same amount of sets, and if it takes you 45 minutes, an hour, to do it, and i can do the same thing in 20, than i have done much more work.

My muscles will perceive a much bigger stress on them, a much higher intensity effort, and in that right there we’ve accomplished much more work for them and we’ve ensured that we will get an overload.We will get an adaptive training response when we start to get bigger and stronger just because of the time it took between sets.Start shortening those times that you’re taking, and you’ll notice that it’s a much harder workout.And last but not least, just because you don’t have equipment maybe, you’re working out at home, or if you’re working out somewhere where you just don’t have access.

To a gym, that doesn’t mean that, no equipment doesn’t mean no overload.You can certainly create overload and tension and therefore spark a musclebuilding response if you get a little bit creative.In our athlean xero program guys, i show you literally no equipment at all.No bands.No bars.No bench.No bull.Whatever’s around you in your surroundings.Here i’m showing you a doorway curl.I will tell you this.If you execute this the proper way, if you angle your body the proper way, and you make sure that your bicep is doing all.

The work here, this becomes a hell of a difficult exercise variation once again proving that you don’t need to have access to a full gym to build muscle.We’ve shown that so many times.You can build muscle with literally nothing but your bodyweight, but you have to understand the training variables.And you have to understand how to overlap them.And how you’re not limited to just the big 3 of the weight that you’re using, the exercise you’re selecting, or the sets of reps schemes.There’s so many things that you can do.

And it’s how you lay these out that will ultimately impact the results that these will have on you building muscle and really the amount of plateaus that you experience through your training.Guys will definitely experience plateaus.If you rely simply on just weight selection and trying to throw more weight on the bar, i don’t care how long or how strong you are, or how long you’ve been training, you’re going to hit plateaus.But my job as a strength coach and a physical therapist, really, is to excel in my ability to come up with.

Not just 10 ways to vary your workouts, or 100 ways to vary your workouts, i have to know thousands of variables to manipulate during the workout so that i can get a different training response.Not everybody that i work with can get the same response because they’re coming to me with all different limitations.Or they’re coming to me at all different levels of ability.I have to be able to adapt to that and have all these training variables.I think that’s our biggest strength of what we do in all of our athleanx programs.Whether.

You’re just starting out and have the foundation of ax1, or moving on to ax2, or moving through nxt, the idea is i’ve got to be able to continue to stress you.And i think we do a really good job at it.If you haven’t already, guys, and you want to start to experience what training like an athlete is, than i would definitely recommend you head to athleanx.Com right now and get the training program that’s appropriate to where you are right now.And then let me take over the rest.I’ll make sure that wherever you are now, i’ll get you.

Where you want to be, and i’ll get you there stepbystep integrating all these at the right time.So, i hope you found this at least eyeopening, at the very least, of how many things there are that you should be doing and could be doing to build muscle especially if you’ve been locked into that mentality thinking, ‘oh, i’ve just got to add more weight to the bar.’ it ain’t gonna’ happen all the time if you rely on that alone.Alright guys, make sure you leave a thumb’s up and a comment below.Anything else that.

Best Way to do Pushups FOR A BIGGER CHEST

What’s up guys jeff cavaliere, athleanx.Com.So today i’m going to show you how to do a pushup the right way.Especially because we know how important this exercise is, if you’re training at home and you’re doing a bodyweight exercise program.It becomes the staple chest exercise.The problem is a lot of people will say ‘jeff, i don’t feel it really working my chest when i do it, i feel it more in my arms and shoulders, what can i do to make sure i get more out of it’.

So i want to show you a couple variations and some key points when you’re doing this to make sure that that happens.First and foremost, you have to understand what it is that the chest does.And one of the main functions of the chest is to horizontally adduct, or bring your arm across your body.So yes we’re going to have our arms push out in front of us, we know that the chest does that, but at the same time it brings us across our body, which is why we do cable crossovers and things like that.

However, that being said when we do a pushup or even when we do a bench press, we don’t have that ability, we don’t have that luxury in the normal setup.We’re just doing it using a floor.So we kind of lose the ability to adduct our arms across our body.When we do bench press i always recommend to start using a narrower grip because that narrower grip will give you the opportunity to at least put your arms in a pre adducted position.If you go way out here, try it yourself right now and press, that compared to that, you.

Get a much stronger contraction.So for the pushup we can actually replicate the same transition.If i’m down on the floor doing a regular pushup, my hands are usually right about here and i’m pushing up and out that same way.But what am i lacking i’m lacking that kind of ability to activate the chest fully by having the ability to horizontally adduct.So first, watch this first variation that i do.If you take your arms and you focus on trying to pull your hands together, even though they’re.

Not going to move.As you see here the floor is going to hold them in position.We immediately have to ability to at least ignite a stronger contraction and that by itself will help you to get much more out of the exercise.But we can actually even turn our arms in, almost turn our elbows forward as we go down.I explained a few weeks back, how when we do barbell curls when we’re trying to cheat, what do we do we kind of pull our elbows up and together and underneath as we lean back because we’re.

Trying to recruit some extra help here from the chest, because of this horizontal adduction.So let’s do that here on our pushups.Get down in the position and you can see as i come up, i don’t just try to pull my hands together but i also try to turn my elbows forward, so i’m getting the strongest contraction that i can.Almost like a cable crossover done from below.Right away you’ll get more out of it, you might do less reps but guys remember, this is not about how many reps you can do in a pushup, it’s how many quality reps you.

Can get if you’re trying to build your chest.Especially if you’ve got no other option when training at home.Finally if you do have a couple of dumbbells around another way you can do this is to actually allow the dumbbells to help you move a little bit more into that horizontal adduction.You can do that simply by going down into that push up, again start a little bit narrower.I think that starting a little bit narrower on your push ups is a good idea.It gives you the opportunity to be a little bit closer to peak contraction even when you start the.

Exercise.Now as i come up i’m able to just kind of use my hands and my fingers to push the dumbbells a little bit closer to each other, get a little bit more adduction to intensify that contraction.So regardless of what you’re doing, what training environment you find yourself in, i know there’s a lot of guys following this channel that prefer to workout at home or have to workout at home because they have no other option.You’ve got to start figuring out ways to make your workouts more productive.

Guys, we have a whole program that does that.It’s called athlean xero.And it requires nothing at all.Doesn’t require any dumbbells, it literally requires just you and your own bodyweight.And i get you, from anybody that’s done this program can tell you, the absolute hardest but the most results producing workouts that you’ve ever done.And we group them all together in 6 weeks to give you the best bodyweight training program that’s out there.You can get that at athleanx.Com.In the meantime, if you found this tutorial helpful, even if you’re a seasoned veteran, this little.

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