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Amino Acid Supplements Cold Sores

How to Prevent Cold Sores Naturally How to Treat Cold Sores Fast at Home Would You Like to Know How to Prevent Cold Sores It has never been so easy. Watch this Tutorial and you will see the simple methods Used by Thousands of Sufferers to Prevent Cold Sores Everyday. Understand What Causes Cold Sores A Cold Sore is Basically Caused by a Destructive Virus Called the Herpes Simplex Virus, Either Type 1 or 2. Both Types Give You Identical Sores. As With Cold and Flu Virus, Nearly 90 of The Population Carries This Virus Either or Both Types.

Normally it is Latent, Hiding in The Nerve Ganglia Cells. In Fact Many Folks Never Know They are Infected. There are Three Basic Things that Trigger the Virus To Become Active and Replicate Causing the Visible Cold Sore. These are You Have a Weakened Immune System and Weak Antibodies Your Body has Become Acidic You have an Excessive Amount of Arginine an Amino Acid Prevent Yourself from Contracting Cold Sores Don’t Share Food With Others Don’t Share Drinks With Others Don’t Share Bathroom Items.

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