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Amino Acid Supplements Blood Pressure

How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Arginine and Exercise Hi, my name is Usuff. Actually, I’m his voiceover guy. But he likes my voice so much, I’m him for this tutorial. My blood pressure has been remaining stubbornly high for quite a while. In mid November 2012 it averaged 150100. Not good. Arginine lowers my high blood pressure for a day. It works when I combine it with exercise. Here’s my story. My cardiologist diagnosed me with insulin resistance and told me to get my BP down to consistently below 13585.

Or else it’s the meds. Which I prefer not to take IF there is a choice. Here’s a list of the possible side effects from the medication my cardiologist is for recommending me. When I asked him about it, he said 90 of people DON’T experience any. And only 10 do. And that taking a small pill every day is far far better than suffering a stroke and spending the rest of my life disabled in nursing home, unable to move one side of my body. He’s got a point. He gave me a three month deadline.

So I’m pulling out all the stops to find natural blood pressure lowering supplements, and I found one in arginine. Arginine is an amino acid and is a natural and fairly inexpensive supplement. I take arginin ONLY before exercising, and not at other times. Here’s how I measure out my dose of arginine. I turn on my digital scale. I place an empty cup on top and get a reading for how much it weighs. I then write this down just in case I forget. You know, my short term memory is being affected.

How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With LArginine And Exercise High BP Treatment Supplement

By my high blood pressure. I then add the weight of my dose of arginine, in this case 3 grams, and calculate what the final weight of the cup should be. I then get my arginine powder out. I got this brand because it has a high number of positive user ratings and favorable comments. And it doesn’t cost that much. the link below this tutorial to my blog post to find out where I got it from. I then carefully spoon the arginine powder into the paper cup bit by bit until the weight I want is.

Reached. Now I know I’ve got exactly THREE GRAMS in this cup. I then add warm water to the cup, stir to dissolve, and drink it. I’ll take half a dose an hour before exercising, and the other half just a half an hour before. I like dividing the dose in two and speading it out over time. This may increase the absorption rate, but I could be wrong. So here I am taking my arginine within an hour of exercising. I prefer to use arginine powder over capsules as I have full control over the dose I’m taking. I’ll then go to the park and do my usual exercise.

Not walking in this case. But slow jogging and interval training, which involves repeated bouts of faster sprints with walking breaks in between to recover. The result is that I find arginine lowers my blood pressure for a day, at least. How do I know Well, I take my blood pressure once every morning, so I can see how my BP is trending over time. Yes, I know BP is highest in the morning. But taking a reading the first thing is a habit I’ve developed. So I can get it out of the way and get on.

With the rest of the day without thinking about it. Here I’m using the average of three reading setting on my Omron BP monitor, which is more accurate than a single reading. I tested arginine and exercise on three occasions using doses of two, four and six grams. This is my BP reading in the morning before taking 2 grams of arginine and exercising. And this is the reading after, on the next morning. This is the BP reading before taking any supplementation. And this is my BP after four grams of arginine and exercise.

This is my BP reading before any supplementation. And this is my result after six grams. It’s pretty obvious arginin IS working for me. And my BP is dipping because of it. I’ve summarised my results in this table. To make it clearer, I plotted the results in a graph form. On the left is the mean arterial pressure. That’s just an overall figure for my blood pressure. On the bottom is time, day zero representing before taking the arginine, day one being the day after arginine and exercise, and day two being the day after that.

I took arginine and exercised only in between day zero and day one. I did not take arginine or exercise at any other time. This is the effect from a dose of two grams of arginine. This dose failed to control the rise in my BP. If I do nothing, my BP elevates to around 150100, which is a mean arterial pressure of around 117. Upping the dosage of arginine to 4 grams DID result in a noticeable drop in BP. Finally, a dose of six grams of arginine produces an almost identical fall of that from four.

Grams. So there isn’t much of a difference between taking 4g and 6g. The big jump is between 2g and 4g. So a total dose of around three grams of arginine might well be all I need to give me the maximum BP lowering effect. I believe in taking the minimum dose that will achieve the desired effect. As taking more won’t help and may lead to over dosing and side effects. So what’s the scientific evidence for the use of arginine in lowering high blood pressure I’ve cited several reports in the literature.

That speak to arginine’s BP lowering effect. For example, a 2002 study from the UCLA School of Medicine in Torrance, California, concluded that oral arginine may temporarily reduce blood pressure in mildly hypertensive type 2 diabetic patients. Which is about what I am. Insulin resistance is just a mild form of diabetes. Furthermore, there’s a more recent 2011 meta analysis of 11 randomised doubleblind trials in the American Heart Journal. Which basically means they looked at eleven studies to see the overall picture. That analysis concluded that oral Larginine supplementation significantly lowers both.

Systolic and diastolic BP. In other words, the science is definitely there. I prefer to take my arginine just before jogging, because I feel it has a greater therapeutic effect that way. I’ll see if this works with weight training. If it does, I’ll make another tutorial here. I think exercise is what makes arginine work better. The timing of WHEN you take is important. Take it just before exercising, so the concentration of arginine in your bloodstream is at it’s highest. Without exercise, blood pressure may not lower, or stay low, as much.

That’s just my guess. Let me know your experiences. And let me know whether you find it works with walking. Arginine is just one of the several supplements I’m looking at that lowers BP naturally. In future tutorials, I explore the use of the others. There are three postscripts to this tutorial. Postscript number one. For scientific accuracy, my BP results in this tutorial are for arginine dosing over 2 hours prior to exercise, not one. But the difference between one and two hours may only be small. In making this tutorial I read that arginine metabolizes quickly, and so dosing within.

The hour might be better than within two hours. Postscript number two. In preparing this tutorial, I thought I’d repeat my experiment, just to be sure, before uploading to YouTube. I used doses of 3, 4 and 5g of arginine. When I got the results, I was in for a surprise. This is the effect of 3g, this is the effect of 4g and this is the effect of 5g of arginine and aerobic exercise. At first I was disappointed. There seemed to be no BP lowering effect. But when I looked closer and had a think about it, I smiled.

My day to day BP level had in fact dropped. A mean arterial pressure around here represents a BP of just above 14090. Which means my BP is now consistently just above 14090. A noticeable drop from what it was before 150100. In other words, arginine and exercise lowered my BP a small amount, and most importantly, it kept it there for a couple of days. Arginine’s effect, I realized, may not be so temporary or short lived as I read. 14090 is still too high for my cardiologist, but, hey, I’m headed in the right direction. There are supplements that are said to enhance.

Arginin’s effect, and I could go on to test those. However, it may be better for me to move on to experimenting with different supplements altogether. There’s probably a mix of reasons why my BP is elevated, and if so, this suggests the use of a combination of supplements. And not just one. Each supplement probably works through different mechanisms of action, so it makes sense to test them all. And not just stop at arginin. And finally, postscript number three. To help you figure out your optimal dose of arginine, you could try the formula you see.

Here. It’s taken from page 974 of Clinical Naturopathic Medicine by Leah Hechtman. And I also found it being used by a preventive medical clinic in Palm Springs, California. It’s in their PDF in the section entitled Nonmedication approach to hypertension. With my weight of 184lbs, and using this formula, I calculate a dose of 4 grams. Which is about I worked it to be on my own. So this formula looks reliable. If you’d like to be updated on my future tutorials on other supplements, please click the red subscribe button below this tutorial.

In conclusion, arginine taken just before aerobic exercise may lower high blood pressure. The fall may only be modest. But anything helps. The dose of arginine required may be around half a gram per ten kilograms of body weight. The effect may last a couple of days, or perhaps longer. Please visit my webpage below for a list of resources. Good luck in your health endeavours. I wish you good health and longevity. One final word. I am not a doctor. Please consult a doctor for your medical condition, especially before starting or changing your.

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