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Amino Acid Supplements Amazon

Hey, everyone. This is Stefan from projectlifemastery. In this tutorial, I’m going to share with you guys exactly how I’m making around $8,500 a month from my Amazon FBA physical products business. As many of you guys know that follow me on my YouTube channel and also my monthly goals reports, I’ve been focused for the last year or so, parttime on the side building my Amazon FBA business. I’ve been focused on building Life Mastery Nutrition, which is a nutritional supplement company. Right now, I’m selling three products on Amazon. I’m.

Going to share with you guys a little bit later on in this tutorial exactly those products, show you them on Amazon and share some of the strategies that I’ve been utilizing to grow that business. I did a tutorial sometime last year sharing exactly how I was making $2,500 a month from Amazon FBA. A lot has changed since that tutorial. I want to give you guys an update on the progress that I’ve made since then. I’ve been utilizing some more strategies even though I haven’t had much time to really focus on and grow this business. As many of you guys know, I’m.

Very busy with Project Life Mastery, with my YouTube channel, my blog, my new course that I’m releasing, my Kindle publishing business, and course, and training and coaching. I’ve got a lot going on. Amazon FBA, I knew getting into it. It’s just going to be a parttime business. I know a lot of you guys that are watching this right now, you don’t have fulltime to focus on and build a business. Because maybe you already have a job or a career that you’re focused on and you want build some passive income on the.

Exactly How I Make $8500 Per Month From Amazon FBA

Side. I’m going to share with you guys my progress which I’m happy about. My goal this year is to make $10,000 a month and I’m really close to that. Often times I find the beginning stages of a business are the toughest, but once you get to a certain point, you hit a tipping point, and things just scale up and start to grow a lot faster. I feel that I’m at that point right now. One thing I love about Amazon FBA is Amazon does a lot of stuff for you.

Amazon does all the fulfillment, the shipping, the customer support or most of the customer support, delivering the product, selling the product on their website. They really make it easy for someone like you and I who are maybe doing this part time and want to focus on and building in up. I’m going to do a screen share with you guys and I’m going to show you guys my screen. I’m going to show you guys my products, my Amazon Seller Central and just show you guys exactly how I’m making $8,500 a month. It’s been that.

Price range now for the last month or two and they’re slowly scaling up. I’m going to switch screens now and I’ll see you soon. Here I am logged in to the Amazon Seller Central account for my Amazon FBA business. First, I want to show you guys the sales dashboard and the results that I’ve been producing, the total number of sales. Then, I’m going to show you the products that I’ve been selling and share with you guys some resources and tools that I’ve been utilizing to grow my Amazon FBA business. I’m also going to show you.

Guys a lot of the strategies that I’ve been implementing to market and promote my products. Like I said, if you guys want to go back on my YouTube channel or on the Project Life Mastery blog, you guys can see the first tutorial that I produced which was exactly how I’m making $2,500 a month. You guys can see the sales dashboard then and see the progress that I’ve made. Again, everything that I’ve done here is just been parttime, couple of hours a month. I’ve been able to outsource a few little things here and there to help me grow. I’m.

Going to share with you guys and be as transparent as possible about the results that I’ve been producing. As you can see, total number of sales is around $8,500 for the month of April. This is April 1st to April 30th. People always ask, What’s your profit margin Profit margin in my business is about 40. About 4,000 of this money is actual profit. Most of the money that I’ve been generating I’ve just been reinvesting back in. I always take a certain percentage of profit to keep it, put it aside. I don’t personally need the.

Money in this business and it’s just sitting in my company account. I use that profit just maybe to buy more inventory if I needed. I’m launching my fourth product soon as well or just to put into more marketing and just promoting and building it up. Because my experience in business is in the beginning stages, if you want to grow faster, you need to be able to reinvest some of that profit back in. It’s great to take some of that money and pay yourself, but you also want to business to grow and expand, especially if you don’t need it in the.

Case of myself. As you can see, about 478 units. It’s been pretty consistent and steady over the last month. Everything is just been growing slowly month after month. I was making, at one point, $2,500 pretty early on and then it just slowly started scale up to 4,000, 5,000, 6,000. Now, around $8,500. You can see that I have repeat customers. A lot of my customers, they don’t just buy one product. They may buy multiple products or other products that I have that I crosspromote as well. I’m able to increase the average order number, too.

And I’m going to talk a little bit about that also. Let me first show you these products I’m selling on Amazon. This is my Amazon storefront. Three products that I’m selling. I started off with LCarnitine which is an amino acid supplement and then I branched off into CLA, which is conjugated linoleic acid. Then, BCAAs which is another amino acid supplement as well. I started with a very niche product and what I’ve actually do differently now that I recommend for people is, I would actually go after products that are a little bit broader and have a bigger.

Market for. One of the mistakes that I made is I picked probably that’s a little bit too niche. It’s a very niche product in the bodybuilding fitness industry, LCarnitine and I’m learning now. I much rather go after a bigger product like fat burners or testosterone boosters or something like that just because there’s much more you can do with it in terms of marketing. I’ve actually encountered some problems marketing my products, because they’re so niche. However, it was a good product to start with just to get my feet wet and gain some.

Experience, make some money in this business and then expand. Really, both ways can work but right now for my fourth product that I’m starting, I’m going to go a much bigger market and more potential. The other products that I launched over the last few months now are similar related products under the same brand, because you want to build a brand. You don’t just want to sell a product. You need to build a brand. A brand gives you the ability to do so much more. My ultimate goal is to have several.

Different health and fitness supplements that are high quality, that can really help people. I take my supplements every day that made impact in my life. They’re the highest quality that are out there and I love them and really proud of them. I want to make sure that I share that with my customers as well. I branched out to related products because then, I could crosspromote them. Because if I have someone that’s buying this, or this, or this, then they’re more likely they want to buy some of the other ones that.

I have as well. The products that I’m selling right now is actually at a discount. The price is here, because I’m still in a promotional phase. I think you should sell your products a little bit cheaper at the beginning just to get reviews, just to rank better and get your feet wet and to acquire a customer base. Then, once you’re making money and you have the reviews and the authority, you can start to increase the prices and play around with that a little bit more. All that products have great reviews as you can see, four and a half stars on.

Average. They’re pretty straightforward products, but we take good care of our customers. Our products are topnotch, highquality, and everything as well. You always get the occasional bad review of a customer, but it’s important to always try to make things right and add value to them. I’ll have some links to these products, too. I’m going to have some links below in the description of this tutorial and also on the Project Life Mastery blog. There’ll be a blog post that would go along with this tutorial. I recommend you head over the blog and again, I’ll have a link in the description.

You’ll be able to see the products and some of the resources I mentioned. Because I want to mention a bunch of different things and different pages as you guys can see I have opened here. Here’s the CLA product. Very important to optimize your products for the Amazon search. We’ve done a lot of testing on the right keywords and in optimizing the title, optimizing the bullet points that are here as well, optimizing the description. Optimizing everything, the keyword section, just so that we can rank for a bunch of different keywords that people are.

Searching for in Amazon, because Amazon is a search engine. As you can see, customers frequently buy our products together as well. Amazon has this upsell here. Another cool thing is we do different promotions. We’re always changing this around, but one way to increase the number of sales that you’re getting for your customers is to have promotions where you bulk a bunch of products together. For example, we have better deals. If you buy two bottles, four bottles, six bottles, five bottles, you can get some bottles that are free or at a discount.

This has been really cool, because this increases the overall transaction value and will give you a big boost on Amazon. It’s going to kill into your profit margin a bit when you do this, because you’re going to be giving away products a discount, but like I said, it’s a great way to give yourself that boost on Amazon. Overall, you end up making money. You just got to make sure you know your cost. Make sure you know what your hard cost are for manufacturing the product and everything that’s involved with that. Just make sure that you’re making a profit.

Once you’re making a profit, that’s the most important thing, because that will allow you to grow. Production description here. I’m not going to go over to this too much. I’ll let you guys do that, but I just wanted to show you the products first and foremost, the LCarnitine one. We’ve got great product images, got some graphics made up. It is actually kind of blurry in it. I need to correct that. Always testing. That’s the one thing that I’ve learned. You always try different images and different things to.

Optimize things better on Amazon. It can really make a big difference. One question that people ask is, How did you get the labels created I use 99 Designs for that. I paid $800 to the a contest. $800, Canadian that is. Here’s a contest that I did where basically I got the labels design for LCarnitine which is my first product. Then basically, once we have the labels, we’re able to utilize that for other products as well. I also got the logo done. The logo is actually similar to my Project Life.

Mastery brand as well, because I wanted the branding to be similar. 99 Designs is great for that. I did a YouTube tutorial showing exactly how I create a contest and everything involved for a recent logo that I got done. I’ll have a link to that also on the blog post if you guys want to know more about and put your own product logos, and labels, and product images that you need. That’s that real quick. One new development that I worked on was creating a website, lifemasterynutrition. This is something.

You don’t need right away once you start selling, but it’s good to have at a certain point. Because it allows you to do Amazon brand registry, so you can register your brand with Amazon which has some benefits. Also, legitimizes your brand a little bit more. Also, we’ve been utilizing a strategy with SEO to attract people to the blog and that’s more of a long term strategy we just started doing. Having a website is great. This is on a WordPress blog. I use a certain WordPress theme that I bought for this. With WordPress, you can buy.

Different themes and install it. Maybe I’ll put a link to some of that information again on the blog post that will go along with this tutorial. That’s me right there. That’s a real image of me when I was competing in the fitness competition. I love health and fitness and so, that’s why I wanted to create this brand. Here on the website, we obviously promote our products, but we have a giveaway. By clicking this button here, you can opt in to get 10 off any of our products. This is with Leadpages, so I use Leadpages to create the.

Popup and people are going to subscribe to my list. I use Aweber as well to collect and manage emails. Again, I’ve done a lot of free training, showing how I use Lead pages to build a squeeze page and things like that. I’m going to include links to these things on the blog post that will go along with this. If you guys. By the way, my products are good. You guys obviously aren’t my target market for this tutorial, but if you guys are interested in supplements and you guys.

Want a discount, you guys can check out my products and actually purchase them, too if you want. You guys can check out the website, lifemasterynutrition if you guys want to check out the website. Here, we have the blog and the blog has been somewhat of a new strategy we just started using just for SEO purposes. Basically, writing and producing content that are targeting the specific keywords in my niche and brand. These are quality articles that share the differences and information about the supplements, and health, and fitness type of articles. By.

Doing this and optimizing content and blog post, you can rank them in Google, in the search engines for people that are searching for it. Sure enough, they’ll find the blog. They’ll find your website and then you can therefore promote your product. SEO is a long term process, it’s not like you just put an article and it suddenly ranks in Google. It does take time to build up the authority of a website. This website’s been getting some traffic now and every day, it’s getting more and more. SEO, that’s one strategy we’re utilizing right.

Now to write articles and rank them in Google. Some other strategies that I’ve utilized are Facebook. Here’s a Facebook fan page that I created for Life Mastery Nutrition. This fan page right now has 65,000 likes and there’s some Facebook strategies that I’ve utilized to build up this page. It’s got pretty good engagement and honestly, we haven’t done, I don’t think, any Facebook ads to it yet. Which is really to me, in benefit of having a huge page, because our organic reach is limited with Facebook. They want you to use advertising more.

Nonetheless, we post a lot of content images that are health and fitness related. Then also, if you scroll down here, every once in a while, we’ll do a promo. Just as an example here are some product images that I took at a gym up to my supplements here. We’ll promote them once in a while, while mixing in content, promoting maybe once a week. We do a promotion. Just basically funneling people into our products. This is one of the challenges as I mentioned when you’re so niche, is like this is. A lot of people. Here’s another one. By the.

Way, this would be a better example. This one is I Love Fitness page. This one has a 168,000 likes. It’s very general fitness related. Because some of them are probably is a little bit too niche, like we have an awesome audience here, but our products don’t appeal to everybody in the fitness market. The fitness products are more broad and mainstream, are more like fat burners, or testosterone boosters, or like protein powders, or things like that. LCarnitine, amino acids are a little bit more of a subniche. If you scroll down here,.

Again, we’re posting content here. Pretty much the same stuff for promoting in the other Facebook page, but then, we’ll do a promotion every week. Just send them to our store front or send them to a specific product on Amazon. That’s a good balance. You don’t want to over promote. You want to basically add value, attract people to you, and then promote once a week. Also, Instagram. Again, I’ll have links to these pages. You guys can check them out. These strategies by the way, I’m not personally posting this stuff. I have a virtual assistant that.

Runs my social media and they’re creating the content and posting. There’s a number of Instagram and tools that we use for that. For example, we use Schedugram. Schedugram gives you the ability to schedule posts on Instagram. This one has about 2,300 followers. Right now, we’re slowly working up to build it up and everything. Posting a content here again. We do a promotion once a week here for our supplements. With Instagram, when you do a promotion, you usually want to post something and then delete after about 24 hours. The reason is, is that majority of.

People on Instagram are going to see within about 24 hours and you don’t want to have that promotion still there. We delete it and we repost the promotion or a different variation of it every week. That’s what we’ve been doing for Instagram. Instagram is a great strategy. Really, the social media platform, social media is powerful but you got to make sure you know which platforms are the best for you based on the products you’re selling on Amazon. Instagram is good for certain products. Pinterest is good for certain products. For example, Pinterest,.

Women that are in their 30’s, they love Pinterest. Maybe cooking or a certain beauty or makeup type of stuff is really good for Pinterest or Instagram. Just making sure you’re aware of what social media platforms are going to best for your products. That’s really important as well. Just coming back here, those are the main strategies we’re utilizing. We also do press releases. I’m a part of Amazing Selling Machine which is the program that I went through and recommend that taught me about how to sell on Amazon.

And is really informative. They have a press release submitter tool to submit press releases and that’s been one strategy we’ve also been doing. Also, building a list. I mentioned on the blog, in the website and also on my social media and stuff. We focus on building an email list. We have a squeeze page where we attract people. We might give a discount or something of high perceived value like an Ebook giveaway for free, attract people build their list. Then, once your customer’s on a list or potential.

Customers, promoting and marketing over email. Also, with the products we sell, we also have a free giveaway and bonus which also been very useful and powerful to make sure your customers are actually subscribed to you. Different tools and software. For doing product research, I use Jungle Scout. That’s basically an extension right here in the browser, Jung Scout Pro. I’ll have a link to that. I also did a good tutorial showing you how I do product research. I also did a great one on, actually, an interview with Greg Mercer, the founder of Jungle.

Scout. In fact, if you guys want access to a lot of the free training that I’ve already done on Amazon FBA, then just go to projectlifemasteryfba. I’ll have the link to that as well. I’ve done tons of just YouTube tutorials and free tutorials, sharing how I find suppliers, how I find profitable markets, and keywords, and a lot of different information. Another tool that I’ve been using besides Jungle Scout is AMZ Tracker. AMZ Tracker is really awesome. I did a YouTube tutorial on that as well. I use that to get Amazon reviews. Fantastic for doing.

Giveaways and actually getting quality reviews back in exchange. They also have a keyword tracking took, we use that to track our keywords. They also have lot of cool benefits like, they’ll help you optimize your Amazon listing which I found very useful and beneficial as well. We’ve also been testing a bunch of other services. We use tomoson, TOMOSON. They’re great for giveaways. We started using famebit. FameBit, FameBit, you can basically get collaborators or influencers like people with YouTube or Instagram. You can pay them to promote your product.

On their Instagram or YouTube or whatever it is. We’ve had moderate success with that. Again, it does depend on the product that you’re selling. There’s been a number of other things and again, this tutorial is more so just to show you guys what I’ve been doing, but there’s been a lot. I don’t have much time. We’re just going to testing different things here and there and experimenting still to identify the best things that work. That’s what you got to do in business. The only way you really know whether or not.

Something works, is that you got to try. You got to do it. We’ve been doing a lot of different stuff. I’m going to have links to all these different resources again on the blog post. That’s it for this tutorial, guys. Head on over the projectlifemastery. I have a link in the description to the specific blog post. If you guys want more free training from me, I’ve already done a lot, but I’m also releasing more in the future as well. Then, just go to projectlifemasteryfba. On that page, you just got to put in your email address, you’ll be on my email list and.

I’ll email you any additional tutorials, training, existing training that I’ve done that can help you guys out to grow your Amazon FBA business. Technology That’s it for this tutorial, guys. Hopefully, this was helpful. I’m trying to be transparent with you guys. I know there’s a lot of Amazon sellers and people out there. They don’t share their actual products and all these sort of stuff. They’re afraid people going to copy them or they’re very secretive about it. I wanted to be transparent with you guys and show you guys exactly what I’ve done, what I’m.

Doing. My goal is 10,000 a month. I’ll hit that this year and slowly scale up from there. For me right now, the biggest challenge I have is time. A lot of you guys are in a bit of a better position than I am because you might have more time to focus on this. For me, I’m busy with Project Life Mastery, running a milliondollar business. The money and profit I generate from this isn’t enough to justify spending a lot of time on it just yet. Right now for me, I’m trying to work on the business and not in the.

Business. More as an advisor and then have a team that can run it and utilize some of these strategies and take care of everything for me. That’s where I’m at right now. I’ll do another tutorial in the future, sharing my update and progress down the road also. Thanks for watching, guys. Make sure to hit the like button if you enjoyed it, receive some value. Really appreciate that. Leave a comment below. Let me know how you’re doing. Make sure you subscribe for more tutorials like this as well. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Take care.

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