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Hi, I’m Batista at DRFITNESSUSA.COM And today I’m going to talk to you a little bit About exercise and endometriosis Now we all know that exercise is good for you And that we need to exercise to feel better And to improve the quality of our life And of our health But when it comes down to endometriosis There is some misconceptions And there’s not a lot of research That has been done Now the little bit of research that has been done Shows that strength training specifically is helpful In alleviating the painful symptoms of endometriosis.

And why is that Well, one of the reason is because Strength training helps In reducing the level of estrogen in the body. Now, even though the cause of endometriosis Is not known for sure It is believed to be linked with an over Production of estrogen So strength training Specifically helps in diminishing The level of estrogen in the body Now, endometriosis is also believed to be an Autoimmune disorder Strength training helps your immune system It’s going to boost your immune system There’s another reason why it is beneficial.

Endometriosis is linked to inflammation in the body Now inflammation is produced by many reasons It could be diet, it could be stress, cortisol It could be a lot of things But one of the things that produces Inflammation in the body Is internal fat, visceral fat Which is the fat that is trapped in between your Internal organs Now, when you strength train, what you’re going to do Is you’re going to change the composition of your body And you’re going to reduce visceral fat And you’re gonna increase lean muscle mass.

Strength training for endometriosis with Feminine Body Design

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