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All Over Body Workout Kettlebell

What’s up you guys it’s max owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp in this tutorial we’re going to be doing an awesome tenminute fat burning kettlebell workout let’s do this all you need for this workout is one kettlebell if you don’t have a kettlebell go ahead and use a dumbbell its eight moves were gonna do each exercise for sixty seconds a piece followed by a quick fifteen second transition period to get to the next move its’ going to total 10 minutes of nonstop fat burning awesomeness! you want a little bit extra you can go ahead and double or triple this work out making it a twenty or.

Thirty minute workout make sure you get a quick warmup before we get started and we’re about to get into this workout right now on to the right now first exercise is a kettle bell catch clean and press all that the key to these workouts for the best fat loss intensity up as much as you can build your body that will go over the game settings city said he transitioned to catch your breath hard reset for all of you know what these guys will like this for her to take your time they’ve got to be.

Doing the west side are a good at all your problem using that number to know who’s right to go but there are a lot more general quieted down now what are we gonna talk to you wanna go a little bit lower than the channel now this is gonna try and remember those kettlebell rows in the left arm strength so sexy stars right here from the ground now I still have that done inside so here is the phone and call now if you joined us too much butt and leg burn.kettlebell deadlift workout. next move is for your cardio and core abs toe taps and mountain climbers.

Full Body Workout with Fat Burning Kettlebell Exercises 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout

Brother tutorials goes so much right here on this whole planet right next to the kind of crazy is at home lead by always this variation we call girl friend just give people good can go to a job he going to talk about their last year john john back over to just go for it awesome job you guys I hope you like them workout if you did go ahead and hit the like button right now if you haven’t subscribed to our channel go ahead and do that as well we share of workout tutorials like this every week down.

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