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All Over Body Workout Female

Okay, you guys! Get your dumbbells in hand! We’re going to do a dumbbell toning workout. 1015 reps, three rounds, off you go. Our first exercise is front lunge curl with a back lunge lateral raise. You’re going to hold two dumbbells, you’re going to lunge forward, and do your bicep curl, stand up, and go right into a back lunge as you do your lateral raise with a nice bend in your elbow. Our second exercise split squat overhead press with one leg tricep extension. You’re going to hold your dumbbells up near your shoulders. You’re going to drop down. As you.

Come up you’re going to press them toward the ceiling. Then you’re going to bend at the waist, kick that back leg out as you kick and do a tricep extension. Our third exercise is lateral lunge to row. You’re going to hold one dumbbell, you’re going to do a lateral lunge bringing that dumbbell to the opposite foot and then you’re going to row it back really bringing it back straight and hit that back. Our fourth exercise is weighted situps. You’re going to lay on the ground with a dumbbell.

Overhead and then you’re going to sit straight up, bringing your arms up and overhead and then you’re going to slowly roll your abs back, back down to the ground. Our final exercise is weighted squat jumps. You’re going to take two dumbbells, you’re going to get down into a low, deep squat and explosively jump up as high as you can. Okay, you guys! Make sure you keep those weights and resistance in our workouts because it does help with that toning. Kind of building muscle up a little bit. Hey, make sure you check out ATHLEANXXforWomen.

Total Body Dumbbell Workout for Women HITS IT ALL!!

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