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All Over Body Toning Workout

Hi everyone, it’s Katrina from Tone It up. And today, we’re getting ready for our cocktail dress on New Year’s. Now, after the holidays, I know that it’s really easy to overindulge in your favorite recipes and treats and you’re around your family. So today, we’re gonna tighten and tone all the areas of the body and get ready for that dress. Alright, let’s get started. So the first exercise We’re actually gonna grab two pair of dumbbells, and we’re gonna squat down and then come up and press to the side so twist. Squat down,.

Press and twist. All these workouts have printable routines at the link below, so you can take us with you to the gym or you can print it out at home. And one. Alright, now we’re gonna work the backs of the thighs and the backs of the shoulders for that cocktail dress. So I want you to balance on one leg and you’re gonna go down as far as you can and then rear fly, okay Go down, rear fly. Two more. Last one. Good, other leg. Now, this tones up the.

Backs of the thighs, the booty, and you’ll feel it in the core, too. Two more. Last one. That’s one, good. Now you’re gonna put one dumbbell down. Now I want you to go down on to your forearm and your knee and you’re going to row and then press to the sky. Good. Row and press. Last one. Now you’re gonna come the other way. Put your forearm down. Row and press. Now another thing that we challenge you to, inbetween Christmas and New Year’s, is the 5 Day Slim Down, which is allnatural foods and raw foods, and you can follow it.

New Years Eve Cocktail Dress Workout With Katrina Tone It Up Tuesdays

At Tone It Up. And you can tweet us every day, your meals. And a lot of it has to do with juicing and making fresh juices out of, you know, greens and your favorite fruit. Good, two. Last one. Great job. Now I want you to go down onto your mat. And you’re gonna go down into downwardfacing dog. Okay, come forward into a plank, lower into a tricep, come up, downwardfacing dog, and then do a glute kickback, glute kickback. Forward into plank, come up, downwardfacing dog, glute kickback, glute kickback. Plank, tricep.

Pushup, swoop up. Good job. Good, last one. Good, forward. Swoop up, downwardfacing dog. One last kick. Good. Now what I want you to do is open up to one side and then to the other. Good. So you’re working that waistline, those shoulders. Good. A little bit of triceps. All for that cocktail dress. Good. Last one, hold it here. Now you’re gonna go down, dip your hips, and then come back up. Dip, good. And 3, 2 and 1. Other way. Two, last one. Good. Now we’re gonna come down into a vsit position, and we’re gonna go into a vsit,.

A bicep curl. Good. And then an incline chest press which works and tones the top of the chest and the fronts of the shoulders. Good. This one is great for strapless dresses. Good. Two, last one. Good, now grab one dumbbell and you’re going to lift up those legs and now bicycle while twisting side to side 4, 3, 2 and 1. Now go down onto your backs. We’re gonna lift up our legs right there, and you can cross them. Bring that dumbbell out in front and reach for your toes and then come back down. Good, two. Exhale on the way up.

And 4, 3, 2 and 1. Flip over. Now that we worked the front of our core, we wanna work the backside. I want you to go down, reach your arms out in front, you’re gonna lift up your fours, row back, working those lats, and then come back down. Up, row back, forward and down. Up, row back, forward and down. Good, two more. Last one. Good. Alright, come down into child’s pose. Stretch it out. And since we worked right here where that dress hits, we’re gonna stretch the side. And bring it the other way. Amazing job. Now, Karena.

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