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All Body Workout Vs Split

Bjbj gtgt RYAN Hey what’s up guys It’s Ryan from TheWorkoutCorner it’s a great day for working out, actually great year for working out. 2012 really stoked it’s going to be an epic year I hope you guys have some great goals set and are looking forward to seeing more progress coming from your workout results. So with that said let’s jump right into your questions. Up first we have Holyoke RPA would like to know What can I take besides steroids for quicker recovery Well that’s good we don’t want to be taking those. Essentially.

It sounds like here you are chronically sore so I would skip trying to take anything. I don’t think that’s the right solution for you based on your description. It sounds like you need to look at your training regimen. It may be something in y our program that’s not setup correctly, it may be something going on with your form, maybe just the load that you’re putting on your body as far as the weight it’s just not correct. It sounds like the root cause to this problem is not a what do you need to take it’s a what do you need.

To correct in your training program. I’m not coming down on you I’m just saying that’s my opinion based on what you told me. You may also want to check with a doctor too just to make sure you’re in good physical health. All right hope that helps. Good luck. Next up we have Classic 202. Hey Ryan, I’m a college student hoping to put as much dedication in the gym as I do with my academics. That being said, I love your tutorials. Why thank you. They are very rational and practical. My question is post workout nutrition do you.

Soreness, PostWorkout Shakes Full vs Split Body

Recommend the use of weight protein shakes following workouts Yes I do. As you noted within 30 or 45 minutes after you workout you absolutely want to be eating something. It doesn’t have to be a weight protein shake but you need to get some protein and you want to get some fast acting carbs because you want to get those. That’s the optimal window to getting nutrients to your muscles right after you workout. So that’s why you’ll often see like post workout shakes. But just a regular weight protein shake mix it with some milk.

Or skim milk is a great way to get your carbs and your proteins directly after you workout. And last but certainly not least, we have XX Gunnerman XX4 wants to know Whether to do a little bit of everything everyday or designated day to a certain body part. Which is best Okay so great question should I do full body training or split body training And obviously part of this is I don’t want to sound like a copout but part of it is just personal preference. My suggestion from a coaching strategic standpoint if you’re getting.

Back into weight lifting, it’s the beginning of the year, so if you’re getting back into it start with full body. That’s simpler, it’s easier, not easy in the sense it doesn’t require work, but it’s just easier less mental tracking. And so when you’re first starting out in the gym we want to make sure you stay in the gym and if you start off with a million different splits and you got to do this and that I mean that’s just a headache. So if you’re starting off for the first six months working out I would go full body and if you’ve been lifting.

For a long time and you want to mix it up then splits are certainly a great way to kind of keep things fresh and allow you to focus on areas that you feel might be a little bit weaker. Cool. All right Gunnerman you are the winner this week for a free access to my Workout Results Blueprint Course which is the kind of advanced mental training to help you get results faster. So go ahead and contact me with your email and I’ll get you setup for that. Everybody else thank you for your questions. It’s also cool that you guys.

Are kind of helping each other out in the comments, always good to see that. I hope you are really excited for 2012. Like I said, have some good goals set and in the meantime put your questions in here for next week. If you haven’t subscribed already what are you doing, J up, hit the subscribe button. And click Like if you find this helpful and I will see you all next week. Take care. Music soreness post workout shakes amp full vs split body 2012 TheWorkoutCorner Page PAGE MERGEFORMAT hg hg h! gdg O5 hg hg hg.

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